Taking Flight

If you’re reading this, I am thankful you are in my life. 

I just completed my first year of college and am trying to let my mind catch up with everything that has happened in the last year. As I reminisce on the amazing opportunities that presented themselves to me, I also am facing the reality that a lot of really exciting things are about to come to an end in just a few short months. I’m not okay with letting this year be the last exciting thing of my life, the last adventure I go on or the peak of my growth as an individual. So I’ve decided to stretch my faith and find new ways to learn and grow every day.

I’ve noticed we often talk about all these marvelous things we want to do but then never actually do them so I’ve made a commitment to myself that instead of dreaming I’m going to start doing. I want to get the most out of life and constantly seek God’s presence in the places where I’m most uncomfortable. I want to reach the point where I’m in such impossible situations that I need God to make them possible. 

I have an eagerness for adventure and want to step out of the comforts of the boat I’m in, onto the crashing waves where Jesus is reaching out His hand for me to follow him into the depths of the ocean. I know it won’t be easy but I’ll collect some awesome stories and grow stronger in my faith in Christ. I’m going to do my best to blog about each adventure I have this summer and how God works through me to love people in each place I visit. I hope you continue to check back and follow my blog. I will also be frequently updating on Instagram and Twitter so make sure to check those out! I’ll be hashtagging #dostuff so if you feel compelled to go on an adventure and love life then please post and share! 

God has good things in store and I’m beyond thrilled for this summer.

Expect BIG things and live a BIG life because we have a BIG God.


Yours truly,

Nicole Renard

The adventurer


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