Tuesday the girls and I were treated to a beautiful breakfast by the University of South Alabama after the girls toured the campus. We are so lucky to partner with over 100 colleges and universities around the country that provide scholarships to participants of Distinguished Young Women so to be able to visit South was a special treat. Then I was off to meet some more sponsors and then to Camp Grace where I got hang out with the kids at Camp MASH, a camp for kids with arthritis. IMG_0130IMG_0134

I spoke during their lunch about the Be Your Best Self program and encouraged them to set big goals and pursue their unique destiny. IMG_0135

After a few more sponsor visits, we arrived back at Camp Grace for dinner and then the camp fire. This is always my favorite part of DYW because the girls really have a chance to get to know one another and to build each other up. On our way home, WE SAW AN ARMADILLO IN THE ROAD!! Kathy screamed, but I told her to pull over onto the side of the road so I could take pictures of it. IT WAS SO COOL! IMG_0138IMG_0142IMG_0144IMG_0145IMG_0149IMG_0151

I thought she said “You can get closer than that!” but she was really saying “Don’t get any closer than that!” haha whoops. The adventures have only just begun!

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff

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