While I was in Mobile we got crafty with our pancakes and ended up with a divine breakfast. These cinnamon roll pancakes not only look sweet, but taste sweet too. I will warn you though and say they can be a sticky process and may not turn out as pretty as they begun, but they go down just as happy. Ask your taste buds, they’ll agree. IMG_0078IMG_0070IMG_0071IMG_0072IMG_0073IMG_0075Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Pancakes- Can also use a box mix

-1 cup all purpose flour

-2 teaspoons baking powder

-1/2 teaspoon salt

-1 cup milk

-1 large egg, lightly beaten

-1 Tablespoon canola or vegetable oil

Cinnamon Filling

-4 Tablespoons, unsalted butter, melted

-1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons packed light brown sugar

-1/2 Tablespoon ground cinnamon

Cream Cheese Gaze

-4 Tablespoons unsalted butter

-2 ounces cream cheese, room temperature

-3/4 cup powdered sugar

-1/2 teaspoon vanilla


1. To make cinnamon filling: Combine brown sugar, melted butter and cinnamon into a medium sized bowl. Scoop into a ziploc baggie and set aside to cool.

2. For the glaze: In a small pan, melt the butter over low heat. Whisk in the cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar. Take off the heat and save until the pancakes are ready.

3. For the Pancakes: either make your own batter or combine all dry ingredients and then whisk in the egg, milk and oil.

4. Heat skillet to medium low. Don’t forget to spray your pan because these bad boys are STICKY! Plop a nice circle of batter on the pan (don’t worry if it’s not a real circle. I make weird shaped blobs and call them cloud cakes)

5. Cut a small hole in the corner of your ziploc baggie and then carefully make a swirly of cinnamon mixture on your pancake

6. Wait until the underneath side is completely done before you flip or else you are in for a mess. (You’re in for a mess anyway, but this would be a massive one)

7. Flip your pancakes and let the other side cook! Drizzle the glaze on top of your pancakes when you are ready to eat them and have a party!!


I hope you enjoy this recipe! This would be great for breakfast on the 4th of July or Christmas! 4th of July is sooner though so let’s go with that. I’m off to Seattle to do stuff so I’ll see ya later alligator!

Love in the cinnamon roll,

Nicole #dostuff


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