God has the most interesting ways of getting my attention. This morning as I woke up, I could justify every reason to slip right back into my comfortable, warm bed and doze back off on this Sunday morning, but instead I forced myself to pull on the running shoes & stick to my commitment of a healthy life style.

As I was walking to the gym I asked God to surprise me today. I got to the gym to find it was closed. HAHA. Certainly He had something different in store for me this morning. So instead of moping around about waking up early, I asked Him what He wanted to do and He led me to Starbucks.

I got myself a drink & then I ordered Him some chai tea (I figured that would be what He liked idk) I drank mine & then I drank His too.
As I reflected, I learned that I needed to be refreshed and being mentally healthy was more important than being “physically” healthy this morning. I woke up thinking, “I need to do more to be better”. God woke me up saying, “It is finished. You’ve already done enough. I want to have tea”.

In life we rush through so many things and keep trying to “do more” that we get going so fast it’s nearly impossible to slow down long enough to hear the still small voice saying we have done enough.

My goal this week is to intentionally give time to listen to God while He has my full attention, in stillness, with no other distractions. He’s always speaking. We just aren’t quiet long enough to hear what He has to say.

I also am going to continue to put as much value into being spiritually/mentally healthy as I do into being physically healthy. It doesn’t do good to have a rockin bod if we have a molding heart. God created you & me, just think about that for a second. You are HIS creation!! His deepest desire is to spend time with you & give you His kingdom! Let’s start living like citizens of the Kingdom!

You are a prince or a princess because your father is a King so let that ring true in your life this week! YOU are special & don’t have to accomplish anything to earn that title.  You don’t have to run 3 miles, you don’t have to eat only salad, you don’t have to volunteer for 5 hours and you don’t have to be perfect. God just declares it over you.

Oo and one last little thought: Don’t take God so seriously. He likes to have fun, especially with you. He’s quite the jokester.

Happy Sunday!! Thanks for reading & inspiring me to get closer to Jesus each and every day.

Love always,
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