It’s hard to believe I’m already half way through with my time abroad in New Zealand! As you probably saw from my instagram (if you didn’t be sure to follow me: Nicole_theNomad) I had an epic journey to Australia for about 2 weeks.


I can’t even put into words how incredible the trip was and how much joy it brought me. What made it even better was that my parents met me after a week and we went on a cruise for the first time which included sailing up the Gold Coast and SNORKELING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF. Yes. It was just like Nemo.


Before I took off I was a bit nervous about traveling alone and had no idea what to expect. Let’s be honest, it can be intimidating to go to another country by yourself in a big city you are unfamiliar with where you have no idea what to see or do.

And that’s why I went.

Planning my trip to Sydney by myself added so much value to my experience because I did so much research before I went that when I actually arrived it was almost as if the itinerary on my little piece of paper was leaping off the page and coming to life.


Reading a map, figuring out the trains, buses and ferries and making sure I got where I needed to be at the right time with no one telling me to hurry up or wait gave me a whole new sense of responsibility and maturity.

Although I practically planned my trip out for 6 days to the minute, I made sure to leave time for adventure. Things didn’t go as planned and I did some rearranging, but I always figured it out and because of it, every day was so special.


Traveling alone opens the flood gate for so many exciting things to happen. There are cool people to meet, awesome times for reflection, heaps of things to learn about yourself and the world, all experiences that just aren’t possible when you travel with others.


That’s why I’m so passionate about taking a trip by yourself at least once in your life. Make it a priority! Take a risk and do something that scares you. You’ll never know if you don’t try.


Going by myself to Sydney was way out of my comfort zone and I was terrified of what might go wrong, but because I stepped forward in faith and reached out, God blessed my travels in ways I never imagined and left me with wonderful memories of a place I can’t wait to visit again.


I’m sure now you want to know what I did that made my trip so great so that when you go to Sydney, you know the best things to do. Watch out for my next blog because I’m going to tell you my top favorite places, tours and foods I experienced while in Sydney!


Until then here’s a highlight video of the two weeks including the cruise and snorkeling! Check it out HERE!

Thanks for following my blog! Share it with a friend and go do something that scares you!

Love always,

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