Just down the hill from my flat I’ve discovered a little park that has been my mental escape multiple times this week. It’s called Central Park which makes me feel a little bit at home and contains various scenic trails with an abundance of trees, bushes and flourishing nature.

At the top of one of the trails there is the most amazing playground with swings, a zip-line and my favorite apparatus, which I’ve started calling Webster. I’ve decided they need to make playgrounds for adults with intense jungle gyms, things to climb on and massive swings. If they have them for kids, then we should get them too!

But for what I needed today, the toys made for little nuggets was sufficient. I actually find that I do some of my best thinking when I have the mindset of a child because to them, superheros are real, animals can talk and nothing is impossible.

Webster is a 10 foot tall web of ropes that you can climb. From the bottom looking up it can be a bit intimidating before you figure out where to start and decide to put your hands and feet. Even as you climb you can get a tangled up if you don’t chose the right ropes to grab and step on.



Once I got to the top of Webster I sat on the rope and looked out over the city and on top of the swings. Everything was so much clearer and I could see way more than I could on the ground.


In life we start at the bottom and can become super overwhelmed when we look up at the maze of ropes we have to get through to make it to the top. For anyone, the first step is to start. You’ll never make it to the top if you stand there and look up your whole life.

Once you start the climb, things happen and you can get tangled up. The middle is the stickiest part because there are so many choices of where to put your hands and feet and as in life, there are many different decisions to make.


When you reach the top you are rewarded with an amazing view and the satisfaction of knowing you put in the hard work to make it there. At the top you can see the bigger picture and you sit above the web of stress and struggle that once entangled you.


I want to encourage you to keep climbing. No matter where you are in “Webster” in your life, don’t stop moving forward. If you are still on the ground looking up, take the first step! If you are somewhere in the middle of the web, keep climbing until you can poke your head out the top and see the view.

I promise you it’s there, its amazing and it may be closer than you think. Never give up.

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff #havenofear

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