Day 5: After we were filled to the rim with cappuccinos, cold pressed juice, omelets and fancy cheeses (and jam;) we set off to explore Queenstown. Luke and Jonty went mountain biking for the day while Manu and I hiked the Queenstown Hill. Along the way there were giant chair carvings out of the trees where you could stop to take a rest and feel like a Hobbit!

IMG_3273 IMG_3275


Tree Chair on the Queenstown Hill Hike

When we got to the top we rode the luge and then the Gondola back down the hill. If you ever go to Queenstown you HAVE to eat a FergBurger. Unless you don’t eat meat then don’t go here. But for everyone else! These hamburgers are about the size of your face and they are SO GOOD. We stopped there for lunch and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mine had, a burger (obviously) lettuce, tomato, aioli, pineapple, avocado and bacon. I’m drooling typing this. I know it might not sound like that big of a deal, but its kind of a big deal. Even though you’ll probably feel like you’re going to pop after you eat one of these you have to go next door to Mrs. Ferg and get some gelato because it’s just as great as the hamburgers. I want to meet the Fergs. They are doing something right in life.

After that delicious lunch we picked up 2 muddy boys and went to the pool. They even had a steam room and a sauna! While making dinner in the hotel room I set the fire alarm off and broke a plate. I blame the hamburger.

We stayed up late tonight making a thank you video for my parents which had us all in giggles at the end of it. You can watch HERE.

Day 6: The alarm went off at 5:15am this morning and we were at the breakfast buffet right when they opened the doors! We scarfed down some food because we had to be in Queenstown early for our tour of Milford Sound! Boy were we in for an adventure. Our tour guide Carlinn was one of the best tour guides I’ve ever had and he made the 4.5 hour bus ride so entertaining. I tried a meat pie for the first time; it was so great!

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake

On the drive to Milford

On the drive to Milford

Milford Sound

Milford Sound

When we got to Milford Sound we hopped right on our cruise where they fed us homemade fish and chips. YUM. Manu hit it off with the Skipper who invited us to join him in the bridge and drive the boat! Seeing the hills and waterfalls was indescribable. This country is so beautiful.

0N9A0901 0N9A0899 0N9A0877 0N9A0870 0N9A0867 0N9A0837 0N9A0835 0N9A0832

Day 7: In the morning, Manu and I went on a little photo shoot (check out the sneak peeks HERE) and then went swimming one last time before we packed up and jumped back in Pearl. The Hilton was great, but our road trip must continue! We drove north to Mt. Cook which brought all the feels of Everest back to my mind, but don’t worry, we didn’t try and summit it. We just ate burritos and stared up at the big peak. We ended the night at Lake Tekapo playing card games.

Cooking in the back of Pearl!

Cooking in the back of Pearl!



Day 8: In the morning our tired little traveled bodies hit the road en route to the Elephant Rocks. This is another site where they filmed Narnia, which called for some bouldering and rock lounging. The sheep here were wondering what we were doing on their territory. After this, as drove along we found a cute Victorian village designed to look like Scotland so we stopped and made lunch on the beach and explored the galleries, soap shops and antique shops.


Elephant Rocks

0N9A9962 0N9A9957-2 0N9A9950 0N9A9941 0N9A9937 0N9A9916

Right before the sun went down we made it to the Moeraki Boulders. I don’t even know how to explain this to you, but these rocks I’m pretty sure were dinosaur eggs. At any moment I thought one was going to crack and a T-Rex was going to pop out. Luckily one didn’t. They also reminded me of the little trolls from Frozen. But, again, they didn’t pop out and start to sing to me.

0N9A0023 0N9A0015 0N9A0010






Pretending to be a dinosaur.


Day 9: We woke up in Christchurch this morning and drove to Akaroa and the Banks Peninsula where Manu and I walked down to the private beach the guys were going to spearfish on (we got the back seat bumpies) On our walk we made a few friends with a horse, some cows and two little puppy dogs who followed us down to the beach and hung out with us all day. The guys caught some kind of water snail and took it back with us to Christchurch where Jonty’s flatmate cooked it up into a curry. It actually wasn’t bad!! Then I got the baking vibes so I made them all banana bread crumb cake. Unfortunately most everyone that was over for dinner left or went to bed before it was done, but those that stayed awake were happy because they got more to themselves. 😉

All of our animal friends.

All of our animal friends.

Day 10: This morning Manu took me to the airport and I was back in Wellington before breakfast. The 10 days flew by in the blink of an eye! I’m so grateful I was able to see more of this country before I leave though and explore it with 3 truly incredible people. Now it’s time to study for finals before my one last adventure to Fiji!


The last night sunset

The last night sunset

Thanks so much for reading this blog and following my adventures! It means so much to have your support! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram for more updates since we already established I’m not the best at updating this blog.

You are awesome so go #dostuff!

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