A couple weekends ago I was able to model in a Bridal Show as Miss City of Orange and be a fake “bride” for the day. It got me thinking about a couple things…

Every year around Valentine’s Day I see so many depressed girls complaining about how they wish they had a boyfriend to go on a romantic date and take cute pictures with.

I’ll admit, sometimes I even catch myself moping in loneliness, sending out invitations to my next pity party to any single girl who wants to eat Ghirardelli Chocolate squares with me so I don’t feel so bad about eating the whole box myself.


I think it’s pretty common for many girls my age to wish they had that special someone they can share such a fun time in their life with. It’s hard to see your friends or other girls that do have a boyfriend go on incredible adventures and do cute things for each other.

“Why can’t that be me?!” “What’s wrong with me?!” Sound familiar? Let me just declare something really quick: NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU.

You are created perfectly in the image of God and you don’t need to change anything about yourself to attract your “Prince Charming”. Your perfect man IS out there and God is saving him for the most perfect time to bring him into your life so you can have a relationship that reflects God’s perfect love toward you.

If you’re searching for a prince simply so you can feel like you’re a princess, think about this: You are a princess because your Father is a King.


Instead of expending your energy on hopelessly searching for your dream guy, leave that to the Big Guy. Instead of trying to find a guy that meets your lengthy list of requirements, work on your own list of improvements and focus on becoming the best version of you possible.

That way by the time you run into Mr. Right, you are the perfect person to him and for him and the puzzle pieces will naturally fit.


Now, I hopefully pray and believe that God will not keep me single forever, but while I am single, instead of pouting about it and counting all the ways the girls who have a boyfriend’s lives are better than mine, I choose to live my life joyfully, taking advantage of my singleness!!

Here are a couple things I see as an advantage in a season of singleness:


You have SO MUCH MORE TIME and the freedom to decide how to spend it! If you want to go to the beach, you can! If you want to go on a trip, you can! If you want to hang out with your friends until 2 am, by golly you can!


Don’t waste the precious time you’ve been given. God’s been teaching me to be a good steward of my time. He’s changed my heart to want to spend less time on Netflix and more time with Him. He’s encouraged me to spend less time on my phone and more time with others.

Spend time pursuing your dreams and improving your God given talents. Spend time becoming more like Christ!

We all get the same amount of time in a day, so spend doing things that matter.



When you’re a single lady (or guy) you can focus on completely different things. This is our opportunity to serve the Lord without distraction!

This is our time to dig deep into the Word, get to know our maker, our creator, the One who loves us more than anything else in this world. When you truly know the love God has for you, you won’t go searching for it in other people.

When you learn to thrive off of that love, a real love, a love that is not temporary, but everlasting, you will have a confidence from your foundation in Christ that doesn’t need to be filled by any other thing or person.

Then and only then, God will bring the perfect person to you so you can share life together and grow more in Him.


I want to use this amazing season of singlehood (is that a word?) to get buried so deeply in Jesus that in order to get to me, men have to go through Jesus first.

So focus on God. Focus on who He says you are and who He wants you to become. Focus on yourself and becoming that person. At this very same moment, God is doing the same thing with your guy somewhere out in the world; a guy who is worth waiting for because he is pursuing Christ just as much as you are because he wants to be the best person for you too.


Lastly, be patient.

Searching harder for the perfect guy doesn’t do anything. God already knows who he is and He’s not going to give him to you until the time is right. You don’t want to take chicken out of the oven before it’s done because if you do, you’ll get sick.

If you are worth dying for, you are worth waiting for. You deserve God’s best and He’ll give that to you if you wait on Him and be patient.

Hang tight chicken. Your rooster is coming.

“I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14


Happy Valentine’s Day,

Nicole #dostuff

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  1. val0val0 says:

    Beautiful pictures & message!! I pray for patience and I pray that during this time He fills your heart with love and joy!

    Here is a writing from St. Anthony Padua that I would share with my bible study group during Valentine’s:


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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