I remember meeting Megan when I was in 5th grade at National American Miss and I was in complete awe of her poise, sophistication and exuberant joy. She has always been one of my biggest role models and I’m so excited for you to get to know her today.

I’ve never met anyone as strong, determined, and hard working as Megan and her perspectives and wisdom have impacted me in the most tremendous way.

Not only is she an amazing wife and mother of 2 precious boys, but she also is a host of Inside Edition and acts in and produces movies on the side. I’m sure like me, you’re wondering, HOW DOES SHE DO IT?! To be honest, I’ve read this interview about 3 times because it’s so encouraging…you might want to sit down for this one.

Luckily, she wrote a book about it and she’s going to share more about it today. Pick up a copy of Faith in the Spotlight and read all about her story and how she is living her dreams while staying true to her beliefs.

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Okay okay okay, I know you’re dying to know all her tips and secrets so I’ll delay no longer!! I’m so inspired by you Megan!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

First, thanks for asking me to do this Nicole! I was born and raised in Seattle (Go Seahawks!) and attended Kings Schools. I am a forever dreamer. I am grateful for every day on this earth. I thank the good Lord for my blessings in life – my family, my teammate and best friend – my husband Brian. My sweet two boys, Catcher and Chace, my supportive friends, my job and for this adventure called life. I love French fries, chocolate, champagne, the Hallmark Channel, my 3 favorite cites are NYC, Nashville and New Orleans, my fav Football team is the Seahawks, I was Student Body President of my college and I got a D- in the class “badminton”. When I covered my very first Super Bowl, Usher was the halftime performer and as he ran off the field, he threw his sweaty towel at me, I caught it and I still have it and I have never washed it! I have never watched an episode of Seinfield or Game of Thrones. My dog is named Indiana – he is a cocker spaniel/ golden retriever mix – and we named him that because that is the state where my husband and I had our first kiss!

Tell us about your journey and how you ended up at Inside Edition?

Well, I knew I wanted to do something in the Entertainment and Media industry since I was 5 years old. I love creating, writing, performing and the teamwork that is involved along the way. I had no friends in this industry when I got started. I graduated with a degree in Political Science and just started interning and taking small jobs. One thing led to the next, people kept believing in me and giving me small opportunities, and gradually those led to big opportunities. I have worked in radio and television in Santa Barbara, CA, Nashville TN, San Antonio TX, and currently in New York City. I am celebrating 10 years with Inside Edition this year. So to answer your question of how did I get here? Goals, hard work, hustle, determination, a little talent and some fairy dust. 

You’re a TV personality, author, wife, mother… how do you do it all?!

I don’t. I just try and do the best I can at every moment. I also have an incredibly supportive husband, and this is a big key to my success. My husband Brian never once said no to my career. He knew from the moment we started dating that I wanted to pursue big career dreams, and he has cheered me on the entire time. We also wanted a family, and realize we have to communicate constantly to figure it all out. Honestly – I don’t think anyone “does it all”…we just do the best we can with what we have.

What inspired you to write Fatih in the Spotlight?

I have received countless emails from young women who have big career dreams but are worried they will need to compromise their values to get ahead. They want to honor their Faith in all they do. I can relate – I was raised in a Christian home and attended religious schools my entire life. My faith is very important to me, too. But, to be honest, I’m not sure the Faith Community prepares young women for the “real world” well enough. I wrote this book because I could not find one when I looked in bookstores for one to recommend to these young women! It’s very practical – it deals with Mentors, Negotiating Contracts, Internships, Bosses, Travel, Stressful Deadlines and more – real world stuff. And I asked some of my friends in the industry to share their advice, as well. The book offers words of wisdom from people like Gabby Douglas, Roma Downey, Kirk Cousins, Michael W Smith, Devon Franklin and more. It is my prayer this book can serve as a guide.

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Take us through a day in the life of Megan. We want all the details!

No day is typical. But I work in NYC half the week, and I live in Nashville, TN half the week. When in NYC, I am chasing stories, conducting interviews, filming segments and researching future stories. Right example, just before I sat down to write this, I interviewed the current Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk. A little later today I will film a story about surviving a snow storm – as snow is currently coming down in NYC. Never a dull moment and I love it. When I am away from home I facetime with my kids and hubby. When I am in Nashville, I have a bit more relaxed schedule and work from home and try to have more Mommy time. But, the most important thing to understand in this business is when news breaks, you gotta go. I have missed holiday parties and family events because I needed to fly somewhere for breaking news.

Any advice for a woman in the workplace trying to balance a successful career and a successful family?

Throw that word “balance” out the window! It is unattainable and just makes us feel inferior. Instead, try to map out what you want for your life. Do you want kids? Do you want to keep working? Be honest with whomever you are dating – share these feelings early. Who you choose as your life partner is key to a lot of this. Technology has provided so many opportunities for women and men nowdays, to make their schedules more flexible, to be able to work from home or remotely. Take advantage of that! But don’t EVER apologize for being ambitious. I believe things can work out – you can have a thriving career and family. You just may need to be a little more flexible than you thought and accept help when it is offered.

What’s on the horizon for you this year?

I am an Executive Producer of a feature film called “Heartbeats” – it’s a dance movie directed by Duane Adler of “Step Up” fame…we shot the movie in Mumbai, India two years ago. It should be in theaters in the US soon! It’s the love story of an Indian boy and an American girl and its so beautiful and needed it today’s world. Jay Z did our music and the incredible Tessandra Chavez was the choreographer. I have a small part in the film, too. I loved every moment of the experience. I also have the lead role in an indie movie coming out called “Sanctuary”…a pretty dark and emotional film and that was a great experience for me and stretched me a lot.

Please check out my new podcast “Inspired with Megan Alexander” on itunes! Lots of fun and positive interviews there. And I am writing a children’s book that will be out Fall 2019.

What (or who) inspires you to #DoStuff?

Wow – great question! Honestly , I get a little inspiration from everywhere. Anytime I see someone step out and try something new, I am inspired. My boys inspire me – my son just started flag football and watching him try out made me tear up. I knew he was nervous but he did his best. We tell our kids “3 goals for you – Do your best, make a new friend, and have fun.” That can apply to us adults, too! Life can be really scary – but it is also a wonderful adventure. Someone a long time ago told me that the key to their success was keeping their mind in a “constant state of opportunity”. In other words, look for the good in everything. As my Dad has told me my whole life “there is always something around the corner.” I really believe in the power of positive thinking. And YOU Nicole Renard, inspire me every time I click on your Instagram and see YOU doing something new and adventurous – that inspires ME to keep going. I try to surround myself with positive people – the Bible says in Proverbs 17 “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”. This is true. A lot of my inspirations are shared in my book. The great CS Lewis said “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

And lastly, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Chocolate Peanut Butter from Baskins and Robbins! Just love it –always have.

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