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Love doesn’t have an agenda

By May 29, 2018 No Comments

You know that awkward kid at the party that no one realllly wants to talk to? That was me. I was the one that was left out and usually not invited because I was too weird, too energetic, too crazy.


We have a tendency only to love people that can give us something in return, whether it’s a monetary gift, shout out or elevation in social status. We align with people we think will make us look cool and help us climb the social ladder in life and then brush off the rest like leftovers on our plate.


I’m guilty of it too!! It disgusts me that sometimes the only people I love or invite are people I know can return the favor in the future.
What’s the motivation behind what you’re doing to help someone? Or give back to the community? Is it so you can be seen? If you knew there would be no recognition involved, would you still do it?
So many times I catch myself doing a good deed so someone else will see it or in hopes to be recognized because I seem to be more concerned about looking good than just doing good.
Jesus tells us to invite the poor, crippled, lame & the blind & we will be blessed because they cannot repay us.
We are supposed to have hearts that don’t see color or size or status & love people even if we know we won’t be recognized because generosity doesn’t come with an agenda.
Jesus didn’t care how much the Pharisees knew and how “good” they were. He ate with sinners & tax collectors and said all are welcome at His table. He didn’t do it because He thought they would give Him a shoutout on instagram & He would get a bunch of new followers & He didn’t do it because He expected them to throw a feast for Him next time.
He did it to show that His love is unconditional, undeserved, & not based on our performance.

The whole “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” makes me question if our actions, investments and giving are genuine or if it’s only because we expect that person to do the same for us. Why can’t we just love people and bless them because we want to?

Jesus said, “I’ll scratch your back and you just enjoy it.” His love didn’t come with a catch and His grace doesn’t require a payback. He doesn’t ask for “I owe you’s” nor does His blessing come after we promise to do a list of “good things” for Him.

This week my goal is to love people I know can’t repay me. We need more people who love without an agenda & give expecting nothing in return. I want to be part of a community where people love people because they’re people.
When we see a need we fill it because we’re not worried about living in lack. A community where we hang on to our “things” loosely, eager to give them away because God promises to keep our cup overflowing & we know the stuff isn’t ours anyway.
Pray for God to help you see people the way He does & love them regardless of whether or not you think they earned it. God loved you & chose you at your worst, when His love & grace was undeserved & we are called to do the same people who desperately need hope.
Pray for a heart of service not motivated by a hope of recognition, but out of the awareness & thankfulness of God’s unconditional love for you. Pray to be filled up over the top & for a generous heart to let those gifts, resources & blessings overflow into other peoples lives.
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Happy Tuesday!
xx Nicole #DoStuff

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