When I was little, I grabbed a notebook, covered it in stickers and wrote “dream journal” on the front. I filled the pages with anything and everything I wanted to do in life and my only rule was that I couldn’t limit myself.

I have crazy dreams written in there like I want to go to the moon and have tea with the Queen of England, but I also have tangible goals like publishing a book or sponsoring a child in there too.

It’s fun to look back at this journal and see things I never thought I would be capable of checked off and completed. (I haven’t had tea with the Queen, but I did get a letter back from Buckingham Palace;)

I want to encourage you to write your dreams down. Crazy, unrealistic dreams, long term goals, short term goals, all of them. Don’t limit yourself because you never know what could happen and God likes to take the crazy, “impossible” dreams that don’t make sense and make those come true.

As you write them down, you’ll start to dream bigger and accomplish things you never thought you could.

Try it and let me know how it goes! What is one short term goal and one long term goal you have? I’d love to pray over it for you so leave me a comment!

Thanks so much for reading today, I hope you were encouraged. 🙂


xx Nicole #DoStuff

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