I’ve known Darrick Landreneau for less than a month and I can honestly say my life is changed for the better. The first time we met he was so encouraging, spoke truth into me and pulled the best qualities out of me. THAT my friends, is the type of person you want to have in your life.

He lives life in ALL CAPS and makes every moment, one worth filming. In fact, his most recent project involves him filming every day of his life for 6 years. He is turning this incredible story into a feature film and I know it’s going to change the world. He’s in the middle of a kickstarter right now so after you read his interview, if you’d like to support, I’ll place the link below!

I hope you are encouraged after hearing his story!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! 

WELL HEY EVERYONE!!!!! My name is Darrick Landreneau and I am a Director pursuing to Life Worth Filming!!! I am from Louisiana and went to LSU in Baton Rouge studying Political Science while pursing a career in film…. I know… doesn’t make sense…. It also wouldn’t make even more sense if I told you I started out as a Biology Major!!! I am moving towards a career in the entertainment industry focusing on Directing and Producing Feature Films and TV. I LOVE MOVIES!!! My goal is to make content that leaves people better than they were before they came by promoting lives and stories of people that have found their purpose and used it to bless this world in ways they’ve never seen it before.

You are in the middle of launching a very exciting process that’s 6 years+ in the making. Can you give us a quick synopsis? 

For over 2000 days (starting in October 2012) I picked up a camera and filmed every single day of my life anywhere from 2-8 hours a day. My goal was to Live A Life Worth Filming which to me means bringing joy to this world like they’ve never seen it before but for others it means pursuing their purpose and leaving this world better it was before they came. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the beginning of post production on the project. We plan to turn all 6 years of footage into a 4 Part Docu-Series called From My Eyes.

What was the most challenging part about filming your life every single day? 

I’d say the most challenging part was continuing to press record on the days that didn’t feel like there would be a tomorrow. I hope that makes sense. We all go through days where we feel like the world is ending and even the thought of “the future” doesn’t seem like it will ever be a reality. I distinctly remember a time where I was living under my best friends bed (spoiler alert haha) and I had no money to my name and I went for a run and just cried out to God (as I do very often) “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!” And I remember in that moment God laid it on my heart “Darrick, you are in the middle of a story you will be telling people one day.” And just like that I had PURPOSE and A REASON to continue filming. From that moment forward I had NO IDEA what insane obstacles would be ahead of me but even through those times I was reminded of that night I cried out to God and what He said to me. So no matter how hard the moment, I knew, even to the point of death, I would keep recording until I knew I was ready to tell the story.


What have you learned most through this process? 

I’ve learned 3 specific things that I look forward to promoting through this series!! 1. PUT GOD FIRST and let HIM take care of the rest. 2. Surround yourself with people that want more FOR YOU than FROM YOU and do the same for them. 3. Live A Life Worth Filming!!! These 3 things I have learned throughout this amazing project and molded me into the man I am today. I am so excited to share them with the rest of the world.

Is there anything about being a director/producer that you didn’t expect? 

MY GOODNESS!!!! HECK YEA!!!!! I had NO IDEA HOW FUN IT WOULD BE!!!!! Seriously I got to direct a fight sequence for a show I was directing last year and it was literally one of the, if not the happiest moment of my life. It is a VERY stressful job but theres nothing like seeing something in your head come to life on film. My goal is to always make set feel like hope and for the crew and cast to always feel like their home and leave better than they were before they came. People are always so thrown off by how much I appreciate their HARD work and how happy I am on set. Honestly I would rather have my worst day on set than my best day anywhere else.

Take us through a day in the life of Darrick. We want all the details! 

Well recently it has been from the moment I wake up working non stop until I go to bed. On a normal day when there’s not a campaign going on like there is right now it usually starts with me waking up.. haha. From there I do my best to start my day off reading the Bible and spending some time with God before I get into the rest of the day. Then I’ll usually pack my stuff up and head out to one of my many favorite spots in Hollywood to work. My number one favorite spot is Universal Studios. I have a season pass so I take my work into the park, its a really nice environment full of movies and motivation to continue moving forward. Other spots like the dolby theater (where they have the oscars) of the coffee bean across the street from the Chinese Theater are also my other favorite spots to do work. I’ll spend most of my day writing, making phone calls, business decisions with my best friend Caleb Phillips and praying to God that I don’t mess my career up hahaha!! After I finish work, usually after a 10-14 hour work day I will go home and turn on a movie and then go to bed. As you can tell…. I love God and Movies haha.

Do you have any advice for any aspiring directors/film makers? 

OH MY GOODNESS YES!!!!!!! The 3 things I listed above are HUGE!!!!! I would also say that you will come to a point very similar to where I’ve been and will be again at some point I’M SURE OF IT where EVERYTHING is going south and you look at whats ahead and you say “this is it, this is how I end.” You have a decision in that moment, you can either roll over, give up and go home… or… you can get to work. YOU DO THE WORK!!! You solve one problem and then the next and then the next and if you solve enough problems then you get to continue doing what you love to do. See I’ve lived a wild life. I lost both of my parents before I turned 25, I’ve been homeless, I’ve made a lot of STUPID mistakes… BUT when I pick up a camera its like nothing else matters in the world because I am creating, I’m doing what God created me to do, I’m following PEACE and PEACE is all I need. So to you who’s reading this right now and maybe on the cusp of giving up and calling it quits, I have one question for you. Do you have peace about quitting? Or is that just the easy way out? You’ve just got this one life you know and no one likes a story that ends too early. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PEACE AND WHAT GOD CREATED YOU TO DO!!! And I promise you… THAT RIGHT THERE… is a Life Worth Filming and a Life Worth Filming is a Life Worth LIVING!!!!


What or who inspires you to #DoStuff? 

I can honestly say that movies and movie scores really inspire me. Again I’m a sucker for movies and so the more I can make my life like a movie then the more I enjoy it!! I would also say that listening to that “still small voice” my mom use to tell me about has always inspired me to do many incredible things.

And lastly, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH SHOOT!!! Definitely cookie butter flavored. I’ve only had it once but it blew my mind….. I hope I can have it again before I get to heaven…. If not…. I’ll just get some and share it with the Big Guy myself!!! Haha

To donate and support Darrick’s feature film “From My Eyes”, click HERE.

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