10 things you NEED to pack for a day in Disneyland

When spending the whole day at Disney, my best tip is to plan ahead and pack smart. With a few important things in your backpack, you can save money and fully enjoy the park.

Before I became a pro, I used to take giant bags full of heavy items that I didn’t end up using or needing and by the end of the day, my back was KILLING me.

Ain’t nobody got time for achy backs at the happiest place on earth.

That’s why I compiled this list of 10 things you should bring to the park, that all fit inside a small-medium sized backpack!

I’ve linked some of my favorite backpacks for you; these ones are perfect for the park because they hold so many things and they’re so cute!

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1. The sun things: sunscreen, sunglasses cooling towel.

Don’t melt in misery. You’re in the happiest place on earth. These cooling towels are a life saver and really hard to find in the parks so buy them in advance! You can click on each picture for more info!


2. Chapstick

Find a chapstick with SPF or even go all out with these cute Disney balms! (click on each picture)


3. Sweatshirt or jacket

It’s usually hot and sunny during the day but it can get pretty chilly at night so bring a sweatshirt to be cozy watching the fireworks!

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4. Snacks

Bring snacks that won’t melt and that you can eat easily on the go or waiting in line. Nut Butter packets, trail mix and bars are my favorite.

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5. Water

this one’s up to you. I like having my water with me at all times because Disney gets hot, but if you don’t want the extra baggage, any of the food places give you free water cups!

6. Hand Sanitizer

Think of how many things you’re touching in the park…


7. Pony Tails

In case you want to wear your hair down in the morning and then whip it up for the wild rides


8. Survival kit

Bandaids, Tylenol, wet ones comb. Make a little pouch full of things you might need in case of an emergency!

9. Phone charger

With everyone taking photos and posting in the parks your battery will probably drain faster than usual. Save yourself some heartache and pack a portable phone charger just to be safe!


10. Extra Ziploc

These are handy to put valuable items in like your phone if you go on wet rides. I even found some Disney themed ones for you!

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These 10 things I’ve found to be the MOST helpful for a full day in the parks. If I missed something, let me know!! I hope this guide helps you have the most magical day at Disney! Thanks for reading today. If you haven’t already, join the DoStuff team on the home page!

See you soon!!

xx Nicole #DoStuff

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