The Banzai Bowl

One of the first things I learned about when I moved to Southern California was The Banzai Bowl. I didn’t think it was a big deal until I tried one and then suddenly realized my life changed forever. These healthy and delicious bowls¬†are a perfect match for a hot afternoon at the beach. Maybe that’s why I never heard of them in Washington. haha!

Even though I stocked up on my bowls before I left town, I found myself wishing I could be eating one at the beach so I decided to make my own and just skip the beach. Since you guys probably aren’t aware of what this mysterious “Banzai Bowl” is I am including the recipe so you can experience this bliss. Let me try and give you a short synopsis though: Imagine frozen yogurt, but take out the yogurt and the sugar and artificial not good for you stuff, add a few of nature’s fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins, minerals and detoxifiers, put some organic granola on the top and bottom of your concoction, top with your favorite fruits, coconut and agave nectar, grab a giant spoon and wah-lah! BANZAI BOWL!

There are many variations to these bowls so feel free to customize with your favorite fruits! This healthy dish is great for breakfast and/or such a satisfying treat on a hot summer day. When you feel a craving for a giant ice cream sundae, try this instead! Close your eyes and pretend you are at the beach and it will be just like the original Banzai Bowl. Enjoy! #dostuff #banzaibowl #yum


Banzai Bowl (pictured above)


-2/3 cup frozen acai berries or pitaya (dragonfruit)

-1 frozen banana

-1/4 cup frozen mango

-1/2 cup frozen pineapple

-2 or 3 strawberries

-handful of kale (optional: I LOVE it)

-handful of spinach (again optional but I love it and it makes it easy to get your veggies in!)

-3/4 cup of almond milk or apple juice (or 50/50 of each)


-Organic Granola (I used KIND: Gluten Free, Maple and Quinoa Oats)

-Agave Nectar

-Coconut Shreds

-Whatever fruit you want! (mangos, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, kiwis, pineapple, etc. etc. etc.)

Directions: Combine all fruits, veggies and liquids into Vitamix or blender and blend until completely smooth. (mixture should be thick like froyo) Get a giant bowl or cup and put a layer of granola on the bottom. Plop the smoothie mixture on top of that. Add another layer of granola and sprinkle coconut shreds all over that. Then design your top with all your favorite fruits and swirl a generous dose of agave on the top. NOW EAT AND LOVE LIFE!



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