I was reading the story in Luke chapter 8 today about Jairus who begged Jesus to come to his house and heal his little girl because she was very sick and about to die. Because the crowds were so thick, it was taking them a while to get through and one of the servants of the household told them to stop hurrying, the child was already dead. “Don’t bother the teacher anymore” were his words. (verse 49). But Jesus tells them not to fear and proceeds to the house where he raises the child back to life.

Sometimes I think we put limits on God. We decide what’s too big for Him to handle. We put the Creator of the Universe, who breathed life into you and me, into a box and tell Him what He is capable of.  I love the victory and ending of this story because it’s almost as if Jesus was saying “Ha! You think I can’t help your impossible situation? I have overcome.”

I’ve often found myself staring hopelessly at something, that is by all means impossible by the world’s standards, and I basically give up and don’t even bother to ask God for help because “logically” it’s not supposed to be able to work. Well that’s the glorious thing about God; He doesn’t operate under the world’s standards and thank goodness too. So many times I’ve faced impossible situations and found myself saying “Well there’s really NO way to fix this so don’t bother the Teacher anymore”. But Jesus want’s to be bothered! He wants us to ask for things! He wants us to bring Him our impossible situations so that He can make them possible! That’s the whole reason we have a God! If everything was possible and under our control then we wouldn’t be in need of a God. When we do the possible, we get the glory. When we do the impossible, God gets all the glory.

I don’t know about you, but I want to put myself in situations where I need God every day. I want to be “living on the edge of YIKES” as Bob Goff would say, with my toes hanging over a tall cliff so that I am in need and fully dependent on God. I’m going to come to Him and “bother the teacher” with my impossible circumstances and watch Him victoriously overcome them before my eyes. We have a BIG God so we need to be asking Him for BIG things and then expect BIG things to happen! Life has so much more meaning that way.

Today I hiked Badger Mountain with my gymnastics champion friend Emily Bolton, then we got smoothies and brought them to our other stud friend, Michelle Fletcher who just got her wisdom teeth out. She needed some love and something cold to soothe those cheeks. After I did a little dancing and spent some time at the gym I caught up with another friend Mercedes and ate Fro Yo. I love being with people and sharing stories about life. It was a solid day. Comment below and tell me a story about your summer day! See ya after the next adventure!





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