I’d like to make a special post celebrating all the moms out there. Mom’s make the world go round. When you’re having a bad day, who do you call? Your mom. When you’re having a good day who do you call? Your mom. When you are in college and don’t know how to do laundry, who do you call? Your mom. I think you get the point.IMG_9528

Mothers are such a special part of life and I admire mine so much. Besides the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous, which you can clearly see from this picture, she is a strong, organized, passionate, driven woman of God that I hope I can be just like one day. My mom has been such an example of a servant to me as she pours out her love on my sister and I and makes us first priority day after day.IMG_4706

Well today mom, you are first priority. You deserve to wear the biggest crown ever made and twirl on a mountain top as confetti rains down on you. If I could go get all the sprinkles and bananas in the world just to make you happy, I would.

Mother’s Day is a nice day to celebrate your mom, but if your mom is half the mom mine is, don’t you want to celebrate her more than just once a year?! (Maybe twice for her birthday) I’m talking a party EVERY day for your mom, people.NAM SUN_PM 106

Moms are the minty flavor in your toothpaste, the ice in your water, the beef in your little taco. Without moms life would be stale, lacking in hugs and a whole lot more insane. I understand her rules may be annoying sometimes and it gets frustrating when us teens have to keep showing her time and time again how to use technology, but do you know why she texts you and calls you and talks all the time?! ITS BECAUSE SHE LOVES YOU!!! Moms love. That’s just what they do. Renard-27

So if you’ve got a mom and you’re proud of her, put her on display today and tell her how much YOU love her. Reverse the role and celebrate the compassionate role model you have in your life. Spend time with your mom and show her how awesome she is. If you can’t be with your mom today, then call her and have a party on the phone. Put sprinkles on everything because that’s what my mom would do. As she puts it, it makes everything more happy and exciting. Happy Mother’s Year. #dostuff #momma

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