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I went on a picnic today with my mom and we ate sandwiches and pickles.IMG_9534

I absolutely love being outdoors and why eat inside when you can eat outside?! Grab a friend and enjoy the refreshing air as you bask in the sun and share a meal. It’s a great way to spend your day.IMG_9540 IMG_9542

Here is my recipe for a picnic:

Peachy Picnic’s


-Cute Blanket

-Basket if you have one

-Sandwiches (we went to Great Harvest because they’re my favorite heehee)

-Pickles (duh)

-Peaches or apples or any fruit

-Cookies (YUM)

-Water (or juice/lemonade in a mason jar: BOMB)


Instructions: Bring all ingredients to the park, spread them out and put them on display like a museum. EAT AND ENJOY!! Then try to make shapes out of the clouds. #dostuff


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