We started off Wednesday morning bright and early at the Sunrise Rotary of Mobile for breakfast and a nice time, chatting with the members of their club. I also got to hang out with the wonderful “Has Beens”, the girls that competed with me last year! They are so awesome!   IMG_0391IMG_0403IMG_0396Then I visited PNC Bank, one of our sponsors, with Kathy and Board President Joy Grodnick, and they even taught me how to do a little banking!IMG_0406IMG_0409IMG_0414Thanks for the adorable gift of a new piggy bank too!

We seized the opportunity when we found out we had a small window of time to grab some coffee at Joy’s favorite shop in town, Carpe Diem. She introduced me to the owners and they made me a special chocolate banana mocha. It was to die for!! If anyone is in Mobile for the first time or hasn’t been to Carpe Diem, you need to stop by because you will be impressed by not only the quality of their drinks, but more so by their warm hearts and impeccable customer service. We need more places like this in the world! IMG_0417It’s always a good time to take a break for coffee and just spend time with each other.photo-7

Then we were off again, this time to the City Council meeting where I was able to address the councilmen and the public to thank them for their continued support of our program. We truly could not do it without their financial support. As I have grown closer to these individuals this year, I have grown to love them and respect what they do for this city and I’m humbled to know they continue to have a passion for helping Distinguished Young Women. IMG_0426Then I was treated to a divine lunch at the Country Club with the Alabama State Government. We are so excited to have them as sponsors this year and are looking forward to having them on our team in the future. IMG_0429IMG_0424IMG_0430I want to pause in the timeline of this day to shine some light on a very important person. Joy Grodnick is the Board President for DYW, and one of my favorite people in the world. Today was one of the first times I’ve been able to spend a lot time with her and the whole day I was star struck at the shining example she is.IMG_0419IMG_0420Joy, your hard work and drive to succeed inspires me to live life extraordinarily. You have a servant’s heart and care so much about people. Whenever I’m around you I want to be a better person because you truly embody the quote “Carpe Diem” seize the day. You are one of my biggest role models and I’m so glad I have been able to work with you this year. I can’t wait to continue our friendship. The world needs more joy and more Joy’s! 

Back to the day! Then I visited the contestants families and friends for a short bit and then it was off to rehearsals! I then went to the Carnival Museum to visit with our state’s club, category and national sponsors before I was whisked back to the theatre to get ready for community night.IMG_0434 Community night was a blast!!! We played our “Happy” music video and I was honored to be the emcee. Christina Maxwell and Katye Brock sang a medley from Frozen and BLEW IT OUT OF THE WATER. They are my heroes. And I was ecstatic to perform a tap duo with my sister Victoria. IMG_0451IMG_0454After the show, I went to dinner with my family, Pam Patterson and Barbara Barrington Jones and her assistant Chloe. We had such a wonderful evening sharing stories and laughter. We all got Banana Pudding Popsicles for dessert! YES! Popsicles!!

By the time I returned home, it was time to wake up for the next day, but stay tuned because tonight is the first night of Prelims!! Thanks for reading! YOU are awesome. Smile today. 🙂

Love always,

Nicole Renard #dostuff

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