I am still in shock that we have completed the first round of competition! Has it really been a year?!

Yesterday was packed with rehearsal. On stage, in the dressing room, in the audience, in the lobby, whether you say it backwards or forwards, if it sounds like rehearsal, we were doing it.

I had a chance to hang out with our emcees for the shows, David Weinceck and Amy Goodman. They have a passion for the program and are such talented individuals. My favorite part of the show was when David tried to take a “Live Selfie” with myself and all the other girls and he ended up turning his phone off instead. haha! We will get it tomorrow David!

So in honor of him and since I didn’t take many pictures tonight, I hopped around and took lots of selfies. IMG_0455IMG_0457IMG_0459IMG_0461Every girl shined so bright and I am proud of them as if they were my own. They were so poised in Self Expression, strong in fitness and beautifully unique in their talents. I can’t wait to see the rest compete tonight! IMG_0485IMG_0480IMG_0488After the show I got to spend some “family time” with my host and real families outside in the parking lot. I couldn’t do it without them! I’m off to rehearsal now so see ya later! Don’t forget to tune in online to tonight’s show at www.distinguishedyw.orgIMG_0502IMG_0504

Love always,

Nicole Renard #dostuff

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