Yesterday was a whirlwind of emotions. After rehearsal, the girls and I attended one last workshop with Barbara Barrington Jones. I have been so grateful to have grown closer to this remarkable woman this year and am glad the girls got to know her as well. She really puts things into perspective and Nationals wouldn’t be the same without her. I made her an Honorary Distinguished Young Woman and medallionized her in front of everyone! IMG_0509Then it was time for the annual Has Beens Show. Or AKA performance that makes fun of me and all the crazy experiences we had last year. This show was put on by the girls I competed with last year that came back to Mobile as ambassadors of the program.IMG_0515IMG_0571Even though I was laughing and crying the whole time, my heart was truly touched and overwhelmed by the support these girls have given me this week. IMG_0576The texts, hugs, gifts and love have meant more than I can express and I’m so thankful that they came back to help me pass on the medallion. I’m like a turtle on a fence post. I didn’t get here by myself. It takes a village and these girls have been instrumental in my success this year.

On a lighter note, Natalie dressed up like Mayzie and did an INCREDIBLE interpretation of my talent. And then they all said “The cat is on fire” in 15 different languages. HAHA! I love you guys!! IMG_0533IMG_0601Then we had the annual spaghetti feed for dinner and I had my makeup done by the INCREDIBLE James Edward. He has been so kind to me this year and always makes me feel so beautiful. I’m glad he gets to show off his talents on my face for the shows. 😉

The show went amazing! I performed a tap solo this time and the girls rose to new heights as they were flexible and gracious handling any obstacle thrown their way. IMG_0609After the show, my host parents took me to get fro yo. YUM I love them! Then it was off to bed! I can’t believe today is the last day, but I’m not going to get sappy yet because I still have 12 more hours of this job to fulfill!! See you next time! 🙂 photo-8

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff

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