A tall cup of courage

Today my mom and I hopped on an airplane and I said goodbye to my house for the last time this year. I am off to school and couldn’t be more excited. That’s not the point of this story though.

The point of this story was the 7’1 man on my flight from San Francisco to Orange County. HE WAS SO TALL. I thought he was going to have to crawl into the plane. At first I thought he was on stilts, or wearing heels, but then I thought probably not.

Every time I glanced at him I was so fascinated by his presence and dying to know if he played basketball, or was related to Goliath or something, but little ol’ me was too scared to speak up and say anything.

After giving myself a pep talk I finally mustered up the courage to talk to him. After all, it’s not every day you see a 7 foot man. I asked him if he played basketball and he said, “Actually I play beach volleyball”…..”for team USA”. TEAM USA. This guy is going to the Olympics!

As we spoke I had to try really hard to focus on our conversation and not the fact that I was on a light jog trying to keep up with him and his lengthy strides. But I was loving every minute of learning about the life of this future Olympian so I kicked my giraffe legs into gear and kept loping down the terminal with him.

After our encounter, I sat and thought about what just happened. God put this man in my path today for a specific reason. He challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and reach out to someone I didn’t know. I had to overcome my insecurities of being worried about what other people think and being just plain shy. Because I did, He rewarded me with a cool new friend. I also believe God allowed me to meet him today so that he could have some encouragement. Now that I know what his goals are, I can pray for him and support him on this incredibly exciting journey.

Everyone needs someone in their life who brings some motivation and prays for their success. Even if it’s someone you will never talk to again. I want to encourage you to not be afraid to compliment a complete stranger if you see something that fascinates you. You could make their day, or maybe their life. The conversations you start may lead to a new opportunity, open door, or a beautiful new friendship.

Who knows, you may just meet the next Olympic Gold Medalist. 🙂

Love always,

Nicole Renard #dostuff

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