This morning I ventured up to Burbank for what I thought would be a normal internship interview, but ended up being everything except that. In all good ways though. Because of the unpredictability of LA traffic, I arrived an hour early which gave me PLENTY of time to pray, think and look at my fingernails.

I was told to be hitting the button in the elevator at exactly 12:54pm, no earlier, no later so that I would arrive at the receptionist at 12:55pm for my 1:00pm interview. If I was any earlier, then I would seem “desperate”. So at 12:54pm exactly I hit the button and whooshed up to the 5th floor. Then I was taken through the hallways of iHeartMedia to a small room where the interview would take place. I was amazed at all the celebrities photo’s I passed, hanging on the walls.

Now is the moment where I take the time to give a massive thank you to programs like The Miss America Organization, National American Miss and Distinguished Young Women for preparing me for an interview like I had yesterday. Those intense 10 minute interviews equipped me to handle the one I had that was 45 minutes.

After I breathed a sigh of relief, I went back down the elevator and off to my car to enjoy the rest of my day and go explore LA. Then the interviewer came running after me to inform me I had another interview to complete. Whoosh back up the elevator and another hour later I was finally off to go celebrate.

It was a very good day so I ate a chocolate square of course.

I had missed lunch so I replaced it with some ice cream. Logical, I know.

I was on my way to visit a friend in Hollywood when I get a call from iHeart saying that all I have left to finish is one final in person interview with the Marketing Coordinator sometime this week. I have a flight home this morning at 7AM…..

They scheduled me to come back in at 6:00pm.

So I went to my friend’s apartment, refreshed myself, had some dinner and headed on back to Burbank for my third and final interview.

During this 2 hour interview, the interviewer told me I had made it through to the final round. She only talks to 10 potential interns and I was one of them. Immediately I was flabbergasted. She then informed me that she will only accept 6.

After I told her literally every story I think I possibly could about my life and my eyes started making everything turn to fuzz except her eyes, she looked at me and told me she wanted to offer the position to me. She gave me her card and told me I had 24 hours to respond, but she might as well of let me whip out my computer right there because I knew the response was going to be a big whoppin YES from me.

OH MY GOSH!!!!! An internship with iHeartMedia?! The company that owns 102.7 KIIS FM with RYAN SEACREST and has the largest reach of any radio/television outlet in the U.S.?! Okay. God is too good. And He taught me so many things today.

1) He puts the right friends in your life, at the right time, when you need them most.

2) The doors He wants open, HE will open! It’s out of our control.

3) The things God planted in your life years ago, will blossom and bloom because He planted them there because He knew you would need them. (i.e. the interview skills)

4) When we lay our worries and insecurities aside and trust His plan, we are able to become everything He created us to be.

I have never felt so accomplished, not because I got a job, but because I feel like all the things I have been doing thus far to “prepare for the real world” and get ready for “what I want to do with my life” have finally paid off for something that IS real!

And now that I have completed first semester, I can take a break, enjoy my family, Christmas in England and reflect on how awesome our God is and give Him all the glory. 0N9A0113

Keep believing and keep working hard. Your efforts will be rewarded because the world needs more shining beacons of hope like you! Don’t settle for no and keep doing stuff.

Love always,

Nicole #dostuff

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