Musco Center for the Arts Grand Opening

Last night I had the unique opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of Musco Center of Performing Arts at Chapman. I felt like a celebrity as I stepped onto the red carpet, unaware of the incredible night ahead. (Thanks to Jessica with Rabid Beauty for doing my hair and makeup and making me feel like a queen!)


It was such an amazing experience to interact with highly esteemed individuals in both the city of Orange and Chapman. The theater was nothing short of astonishing and the show was one of the best I have ever seen.

I have never been to an opera before and think I probably spent a majority of the show with my jaw dropped, in awe of the flawless talent of the singers in front of a perfectly divine set.

I think it’s incredible that God built us with the capability to do amazing things like sing and dance and then let us use it to bring joy to so many people. It’s absolutely incredible.

Placído Domingo was the star of the show and I was even privileged to meet him after the show! (If you don’t know who he is you should google him)


After the show we were treated to an overwhelmingly beautiful dinner. I say beautiful dinner because there were flowers hanging from the ceiling, giant chandeliers, incredible set pieces and the food was so pretty! And tasted pretty impeccable too. I felt like I was at the Royal Wedding.

The best part of my night though was the person sitting next to me. This selfless individual is the reason the whole night was possible. Doy Henley and I created a unique bond my freshman year at Chapman and since then, he has become one of the most special parts about my entire college experience.IMG_5561

He is my lucky charm and #1 fan. His unwavering support and huge heart has softened mine and encouraged me to love others like he does. We had a ball together last night talking about BBQ and ice cream as they served us 5 courses of things on the menu that we couldn’t pronounce. I even helped him take his first selfie. 😉

When it came time for dessert, the waiter who brought our treat told me it was his dream to serve a queen. So I let him live his dream twice and he brought me another dessert.


After that I was one pooped puppy so we courtesy-ed and then left before we turned into pumpkins.

4 hours later I was up and jamming again to get to the airport to begin my spring break adventure. LIFE IS HAPPENING Y’ALL. Stay tuned.

Lots of Love,

Nicole #DoStuff

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