I keep staring at this plant trying to figure it out. These flowers are planted in the same pot of soil yet one of them is alive and healthy and the other is deader than a doornail. The one on the right for some reason is not soaking up the nutrients from the soil beneath it.

I had an internship at iHeart Radio in Los Angeles last year and I learned a valuable lesson from two of the people interning with me. For the sake of privacy we are going to call them Jack and Jill. Jack was awesome. He was a fireball, always full of energy, ready for new challenges and would drop what he was doing in an instant to help someone. He volunteered to stay late, met new people in the office and made everyone feel welcome. Jill called in sick at least once a week and sometimes just didn’t show up. When she was in the office she made other interns and I do her work because she said it was too much for her and then we would look at her computer screen to find her online shopping. Part time positions were offered at the end of the internship and guess who didn’t get an offer? Jill would be correct. (She actually got fired half way through the internship but that’s another story)

I use this example to illustrate such an important truth the flowers in the pot symbolize. You can be planted in the exact same place as someone else with the exact same conditions, but you will die if you don’t soak up the water and take advantage of the nutrients surrounding you.
Jack and Jill started with the exact same position, given the exact same opportunities. One of them was hired and the other one got fired. It all depends on what you do with what you’ve been given! It’s not a matter of “Oh I’m in the wrong place”, or, “I just need to move”, or, “I can’t make a difference here”. Yes you can. You can make a difference anywhere you want because all it depends on is you deciding to.


Wherever you are in life, if you take advantage of all the opportunities around you and use each situation to learn, you will grow and become a better person. You may think you’re not planted in the right soil, but you’ve been placed in that pot for a reason. Soak up all the nutrients you can where you are and when it’s time to uproot and be planted in new soil, you’ll be a healthy, strong flower ready to bloom upward in full force.
Jack created opportunities for himself that led to open doors while Jill focused on everything she hated about her situation and that led to being fired. AKA dead flower.

If you’re feeling a little more like the dead flower than the alive one, think about your situation and figure out areas where you can be “fed” in order to grow and blossom into a healthy flower. There’s always something you can learn if you take the opportunity to root yourself and soak up all the things around you that can feed you and prepare you for success.
Healthy flowers get hired, dead flowers get fired.
xx Nicole #DoStuff #BeStuff

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  1. lwcaveman says:

    It’s funny how taking advantage of all the opportunities seems like hard work at first but once your in the middle of it it’s a joy. I’ll take the left side. Great post, thank you!

  2. Dale Allen says:

    I needed this reminder Nicole! Many thanks, all the way from J A M A I C A 🙂

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