Hi there!! Happy Monday!

Waking up this morning was a little bit harder (thanks daylight savings) but my alarm went off a a little early so I had a few extra minutes to lay in bed & think about how I wanted to start my day.
  • I could have complained about how tired I was, slumped out of bed & been a grump all morning.
  • Or I had the choice to be grateful to wake up in a bed & have a fresh start to a week that’s going to be filled with fun activities.
I think I overlook how big a difference positivity makes in life & how much negativity can spoil my outlook & outcomes of my day.
Our bodies believe what we tell them and if we constant fill ourselves with negativity, it won’t be long until we are defeated, discouraged and cold.
Negativity doesn’t just affect our outlook, but it also affects what comes out of our mouths. Our heart is the motor that kick starts our mouths, so if it’s full of negativity, then it’s going to make it’s way right up and out the mouth & into the air that other people breathe.
So now what we do AND say is negative, which only brings other people (including ourselves) down.
Do you ever feel really awesome and optimistic when someone has a really negative conversation with you? NO! You walk away feeling bummed out and a little empty inside. That’s because negativity is like a cancer that spreads and clings to everyone it touches. Negativity affects those around you and is never found in an encouraging environment.
One of my favorite people, Brian Houston, said, “Negativity is the verbalizer of inner defeat”. When we’ve been let down, hurt, burned, or recently experienced failure, it’s easy to slip into negativity and believe that the world is against you and nothing is ever going to go your way.
Negativity is the verbalizer of inner defeat. -Brian Houston
I completely understand being disappointed over an outcome that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. But my prayer for you is that you don’t let that one downfall be the open gate for negativity to set up camp in your heart because it has no right to be there and destroy you.
You may be given a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it.
The interesting thing about negativity is, it can’t believe the best, so it expects the worst. If you are filled with negativity, over time you’ll find yourself only focusing on the worst possible outcome rather than planning, hoping for and investing in the best possible outcome.
Can anyone relate to this?? Whenever I have something I’m really excited about or a really amazing potential opportunity, I, 1) don’t want to get my hopes up or even think about it because I tell myself “Why me? Why would God bless me with that?” and 2) I have anxiety as my brain cycles through all of worst nightmare  case scenarios I can think of (which, to add, never actually end up happening)
I end up wasting so much of my time and energy creating situations that never happen when I could have utilized that time to prepare myself, for the best possible outcome, so when it came, I was 100% ready for it.
Get excited about things in your life! It’s okay to get your hopes up because we have a BIG God who loves us, blesses us and takes care of us. You are absolutely worth believing in
and having the best possible situation happen to you.
Our words and thoughts are SO important. They feed our soul. When you think about it like this, are you suffering from malnutrition? 
My challenge this week is to wake up and say 3 positive things about myself and my life before I start my day. As silly as this sounds, it helps set my mind up for a positive day and I’m more likely to reach my goals.
Will you join me in this?
Hope you have a great day!
Love always,
Nicole xx #DoStuff

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