A lot of people have told me that I’m “so confident”,  but the truth is, I haven’t always been. In middle school and high school and even times in college I struggled with insecurity and feelings of inadequacy.

Another thing I get a lot is “you’re so good at everything” but the truth with that too is that I used to not be. I used to try and do everything on my own and almost every time I failed.


I didn’t feel good about myself because I didn’t think I was good at anything. This mindset was fertile ground for fear to sprout up and plant deeps roots in my heart.

My life was characterized by small thoughts and small dreams because I would limit myself to only doing the things I knew I would be good at. (which was very little)


I held myself back from opportunities I could have flourished at, but never gave them a chance because I was afraid.

Life is not meant to be lived like this and it shrunk my soul to the size of a raisin.

The only reason I’m good at things now is because I don’t determine whether or not I’m going to to try something based on my capabilities anymore. My strength comes from God and He equips me fully for every challenge and situation I face.


If I let myself be the judge of whether or not I am qualified for a certain task, I almost always wouldn’t be because I have low confidence in my abilities apart from Jesus. But I have big confidence in God’s abilities and His power to work through me so I let Him be the judge because I know I can accomplish the task through Him.

My confidence grew exponentially when it became grounded in faith. It allows me to go beyond the limits I set for myself because I know that my value doesn’t change if I fail or not.


I still mess up, (all the time haha) but my failures don’t define me or change my identity. This truth takes off all the pressure to have to be perfect. With this new found confidence, my life has been wilder, full of abandon, more risk taking and bigger dreams because I’m not afraid to fail.

I know there is no place I can go that’s outside God’s reach because He is literally holding me and walking with me every step of the way.


I thank and praise Him every day because He gives me confidence and joy. I’m good at things because of Him and hope His light radiates out of me as I pursue my dreams.

“Now may the God of peace… make you complete in every good work to do His will ” Hebrews 13:20-21

I hope this encourages you this week and reminds you that your failure doesn’t define you. Go after those big dreams!! Happy Monday!

Love always,

Nicole xx #DoStuff


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  1. Dale Allen says:

    I love this Nicole! Rooting your confidence in Christ is a solid foundation that will never fail.

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