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I graduate from college in less than 60 days. If you talk to me about it I’ll probably cry because I’m so sad/happy/confused/blown away. Attending Chapman was one of my biggest dreams and it’s so bittersweet to see it come to an end. I’m so lucky to have received a first class education from professors with some of the biggest hearts I know.


Although I’m completely terrified, I feel so prepared and equipped to take on the real world as I chase after my dreams. I’ve been through quite the transformation these last four years and boy am I glad I’m not the same person I was then!

Shall we take a little walk down memory lane?? Lets. 😉




Here’s baby freshman Nicole on her first day at Chapman. YIKES.


I joined a sorority, emceed the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival, strutted down a runway as Sandy from SpongeBob and went to Disneyland 48 times.


I also ate a hot dog on national TV at 4 in the morning and randomly got a job as a pastry chef. Twas a great year.



I was an RA and took care of 30 baby freshman, I stayed outside until 2 am waiting for the local raccoon to come by and eat my snacks so I could film him, I made my dog out of bananas in my dorm when I was bored and interned at Ryan Seacrest Studios and iHeartRadio.


I also met Hilary Duff (after I was locked in a studio because a mean girl didn’t want me to meet her lol), went to the finale of American Idol and spent my birthday in Disneyland for 24 hours where I ate ice cream at 3am. Oh also, Jack the monkey from Pirates of the Caribbean sat on my shoulder. Twas also a good year.




I lived in New Zealand for 6 months and IT WAS THE BEST EVER!!!! Check out my blogs about my experience there under my travel tab or watch this cool recap video I made about it HERE.



The week I got back I won Miss City of Orange (WHAT. I know I was surprised too) saw One Direction’s last show, went to New York, got regrammed by Disneyland and sherri Hill, and stood in the front row of Dancing With The Stars Finale.




Senior year. Tears. I was an Orientation Leader, judged a chili cook off, turned into a giraffe, went on a trip with Kraft Heinz, ate gelato in Italy every day for a month, went to a Kentucky basketball game and NOW IM ABOUT TO GRADUATE!


Whew. I skipped A TON, but I didn’t want to bore you with all the details.

College can be crazy, it can be fun and it can even be stressful, but what’s really most important?? 4 years ago I would have told you, grades and getting a 4.0 GPA. Now I know there’s something much bigger and better that requires my effort and attention and that’s people.


I would argue that the single most important thing you can gain from college is relationships and friendships with people. In my industry (and most other industries) it’s all about who you know and your network. The people I’ve been surrounded by the last 4 years are the people I’m going to be working with in the future! Don’t you think I better be nice to them and develop a good relationship?! I think so.


The single most important thing you can gain from college is relationships and friendships with people.

If I spent my whole time at Chapman focused only on my grades and classes and blew off anyone who ever tried to be my friend, I don’t think I would be very successful.


Now, I’m going to say something your parents might be mad at me for, but in 10 years, that grade on your midterm is going to mean absolutely nothing. What will matter is your relationships with people.


Don’t misinterpret me as saying you should throw your school work out the window and go socialize all of college, but I do want to encourage you to make people a priority in your life and concentrate on building genuine, REAL relationships.


These are the people you’re going to be calling and emailing for an internship or job or they might even be calling YOU for an internship or job! We can all help each other reach our dreams, but you won’t be able to do that without good relationships.


I have Chapman to thank for providing a collaborative environment where we work together on projects and help each other succeed. We are taught to combine our strengths and be a team so we can all reach our goals. No one is in it for themselves (and if they are, their having a really hard time and they’re not much fun to be around).

Wherever you are in your college timeline, just starting, half way through or almost finished, cherish the spot you’re in right now and hold the ones you love close!! Build those relationships and spend time with people!!

Happy Wednesday!


Love always,

Nicole Renard xx #DoStuff

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