I LOVE hiking & climbing to the top of mountains, but not at first. Honestly, the day I took this pic I almost talked myself out of climbing because I was afraid it would be too hard. I let the fear of not being “fit enough” almost keep me from one of the most beautiful views of my life.


I wonder how many other mountains we talk ourselves out of climbing because we’re afraid?
Once I started climbing it really wasn’t all that bad; I even enjoyed myself most of the hike! It was the first step that got me all freaked out in my head thinking I would never make it to the top.
The first step is the hardest but if we can muster up the courage to step out even if we are unsure or feel unqualified, we’ll send our lives in the trajectory of our biggest dreams. Wouldn’t you want to step out in faith, blinded down a path of your biggest dream than run in a million circles around a tiny accomplishment you’ve already mastered? I know I would. But that means I have to get over my fear & stop questioning if I’m ready, trusting that my feet will be planted on solid ground.
You’re never going to be ready. So why sit around letting the doubts, fear & anxiety swallow you up before you have a chance to stomp on them on your way to the top?
My hope for you is that you’ll have the courage to take the first step. And then after that, put one foot in front of the other. Not summit by tomorrow, but have enough strength and confidence to take small steps today.
Mountains & obstacles are never going away so instead of wishing they will move, start praying, prepping & asking for the courage to start.
Love always,
Nicole #DoStuff

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