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The Ultimate Disneyland Snack Guide

By October 10, 2017 2 Comments

One of my favorite parts about going to Disneyland is taking a big deep breath to absorb all the wonderful smells wafting out of the bakeries, snack shacks and restaurants.


There are so many distinct smells throughout the park and they are all equally delicious. Did you know they pump out vanilla scent on Main Street?! I seriously could just walk around the park and be perfectly happy just taking in all the smells.
I love the smell of buttery popcorn in Tomorrow Land, fresh pretzels by It’s a Small World, crispy cinnamon Churros at the castle and the deep nutty aroma of the famous roasted Turkey Legs in Frontier Land. Writing this blog is making me drool!
Since I’m a foodie/professional snacker I thought I would put together a little list of all my favorite Disneyland munchies that you HAVE to try when you go to the park.

1. Ice Cream at Gibson Girls Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street

(are you surprised my first suggestion was ice cream?)

2. Cinnamon Churros

You can pretty much find these throughout the park but my favorite is the stand to the right of the castle.

3. Ghirardelli Ice Cream

I’ve had every sundae on their menu so if you need suggestions, let me know.

4. Ghirardelli Cookies

I decided Ghirardelli deserved another spot because they are just that good. Sundaes. Cones. Coffee. Cookies. Everything. I can’t get started with this because it deserves it’s own blog post so that will be coming to you soon. To be continued…

5. Mickey Pretzel


I mean come on! How can you not when it’s this cute?!  They have cream cheese stuffed pretzels on Main Street!

6. Turkey Leg

Frontier Land. Do it.

7. Pineapple Spear/Giant Pickle

For those of you looking for a healthier snack, these can be found in Adventure L and and are the most refreshing yummy thing to crunch on!

8. Mickey Beignets

These are the bees knees!!! In the back of New Orleans Square by the entrance to the Railroad Train!


9. Clam Chowder from Pacific Wharf Cafe

I always stop here for lunch because it makes me feel like I’m in San Fransisco. My favorite part is when they give you the top of the bread bowl because it’s so fluffy!!

10. Dole Whip

On the lighter and refreshing side, Dole Whip is 100% pineapple juice and can be found in Adventure Land by the Tiki Room. You’ll know it when you see a giant line. But here’s a tip: go into the Tiki Room entrance and theres a shorter line on the other side of the shack!!
I could eat snacks all day at Disneyland and never eat a meal because there are so many delicious ones.
Have a favorite snack that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments below, I love getting new ideas!
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Love you so much!!
xx Nicole #DoStuff
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  • ann lavine says:

    the Gibson girl ice cream is most likely full of things you do not want to eat. Can you tell me about the Ghiradelli sundaes. Is there one for coffee lovers? Can you tell me about t their coffee too.

  • ann lavine says:

    on a very different subject the pastor who used to be at my church does amazing sermons. They are on the website at Nampa college church in nampa Idaho, His name is SCott Daniels. He is theological heady and funny. He will do a Scooby doo in the middle of his sermons

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