Since I was a little girl, I’ve always dreamed about what was behind the mysterious green door behind the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland with the beautiful gold numbers “33” painted on the plaque.


Club 33 is where Walt Disney entertained his special guests that came to the park and has since become a legendary restaurant that few people ever have the chance of experiencing.


I knew the only way you could get into the coveted Club 33 was to have a membership or have your name called from the 16 year waiting list. Though my chances looked slim, I put it on my bucket list and went on the hunt to find a member.


During a chat with my adopted Grandpa Doy, I learned that he used to be a member of Club 33 but got rid of the membership a long time ago. (WHY GRANDPA DOY WHY)

But he reached out to a friend of his (he knows everyone) and was able to get me a reservation for lunch!!! What made it even better was my Disney bestie Kelsey was able to be there with me (on her birthday) IT. WAS. AMAZING.


Once we changed into our nicer clothes we rang the door bell and THE DOOR OPENED. hahah I know that sounds really dumb, but I’ve always wanted to walk through that door.


The receptionists gave us some mint, lemon water and let us sit in the foyer before climbing the steps to the restaurant.

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Most beautiful doorstep mosaic at the entrance.


We walked through a gorgeous hallway adorned with watercolor paintings into the dining room. There we were greeted by our lovely waiter & the 4 course meal began.


We started off with Hurricanes.


The first course was a delicious crab cake.


Then we had these lovely salads. (Isn’t the birthday girl cute?!)

IMG_8935Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

My entree was Filet Mignon with roasted vegetables  and the most delicious cream sauce. I had no idea what it was but it sure was tasty. (P.S. The waiter told me Michael Jackson sat in this chair once)


For dessert I had a goat cheese panacotta with blackberry sauce YUM YUM YUM.


This whole meal was a dream and I tried to savor every bite because I might not ever be able to go back!

IMG_9111FullSizeRender 5

At the end of our meal our kind waiter brought us little treat bags filled with hand made truffles and macarons and surprised us by saying the bill was already taken care of. We were both shocked and so grateful!!


Before we left we spent an ample amount of time on the patio looking out at the people below us in New Orleans Square remembering what its like to look up at the patio and wonder what was up there.


It’s so crazy to think this is where Walt spent  most of his time in the park!!

I think I shed a little tear as we walked back down the steps and out that famous door but my experience at Club 33 could not have been more perfect and it’s a lunch I will remember for the rest of my life.

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Thank you Grandpa Doy and his mysterious connection for making this lunch possible for Kelsey and I!


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Thanks for reading today!

Love always,

Nicole xx #DoStuff

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