Don’t rely on people for happiness

Late one night in Hawaii I went outside, sat on the grass and looked up at the most expansive array of stars twinkling down at me. In that moment I felt a deep connection to the One that put them there and realized I have everything I’ll ever need.


When I get anxious and doubtful I start to look for satisfaction and fulfillment in other people and forget that I already have the most fulfilling relationship!

Even if I lose all my friends, never get married and never make a friend again, I would still have all I need and I have the ability to be 100% full because I have Jesus. No one can change that or take it away.


People will leave you, disappoint you, fail you and hurt you so you can’t find your fulfillment in them. Whether it’s a best friend, a boy, a parent or a sibling, give that relationship to God and let Him transform you as you go deeper in your relationship with Him.

He wants us to have relationships with each other, but our primary reason for existence is to be in relationship with Him. Our relationships with other people were never meant to replace or be held above our relationship with Him. Knowing Jesus brings perfect joy and perfect peace regardless of any other person or broken relationship.


Where are you at in your relationship with God? Do you two ever talk? Or do you just call Him up when something goes wrong? I want to encourage you today to think of God like any other friendship or relationship you have and start to develop an open line of communication. God wants to fill you up and give you abundant life and it all starts with having a conversation with Him.

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Love always,

Nicole xx #DoStuff

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  1. ann lavine says:

    You have a good heart, Thanks for your blogs

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