4 Day California to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary

Ever since I came across a picture of Antelope Canyon I know I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it until I saw it in real life. Flash flooding caused Navajo Sandstone to erode into the most beautiful orange swirls of deep passageways that you can walk through.


During my spring break I decided to pack up my car, grab a friend and make this trip happen.

In 4 days we hit, LA, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Day 1

We left Orange County pretty early in the morning and took I-15 N to get to Page, Arizona. There are other routes to get there but I would HIGHLY recommend this route because it is by far the most scenic and beautiful drive.

0N9A2770Once you cross up into Utah, prepare to be amazed, as everything turns orange and swirly.


We stayed at the Sleep Inn because it was only $54 a night with free breakfast and wifi!


Day 2

In the morning we hiked around in the rocks near the Navajo Tours Upper Antelope Canyon before our tour.


Our tour through the Upper Antelope Canyon was indescribable. The tour guides are all very helpful and informative and make your experience one to remember.



If you’re there at the right time of day you can catch the famous light beams that come through the cracks.


_N9A2837You have to have schedule a tour in order to go in the canyon and I would highly recommend this company: https://navajotours.com


We grabbed a quick lunch after our tour and then headed to Horseshoe Bend which was about a 10 minute drive from our hotel.


Less than a 5 minute walk from the parking lot is the most exquisite piece of land you’ll ever see.


We walked around the border for a little bit and then found our own little rock to watch the sun set for the evening.



This was my favorite part of the trip because it was so peaceful. It wasn’t very touristy and the view was remarkable.


Day 3

Another early morning as we got in our car to make our way back to LA, this time going south; an alternative route from where we came (so we could see more things and visit the Grand Canyon)


This drive is a really good time to play license plate bingo because there are so many travelers on this route! See how many states you can find!!


Around lunch time we arrived at the Grand Canyon Vistor Center. Since we didn’t have a ton of time, we did a short 2 hour walk around the South Rim to soak in the beauty of this magnificent place.


I still can’t comprehend the Grand Canyon because when you look at it, it looks fake because it’s so massive and incredible. There were a few “Wow God you’re so cool” moments for me here._N9A3080


Side note: If you bring a snack like a Justin’s Almond Butter Packet, don’t get too close to the edge because you’ll drop it off the side like me and never see it again.


After our hike we got back in the car and drove to Las Vegas where we spent the night.


Day 4

In the morning we finished our drive back to Southern California and ended the day with a little hike through Crystal Cove, dumping us out on Laguna Beach.



I redeemed my Almond Butter mishap here 😉

Spontaneously going on this trip was one of the most fun things I’ve done and inspired me to explore more amazing parts of our country.


Traveling doesn’t always have to be a big week long international trip; it can be as simple as finding a new city in the state you live in now and escaping for a few days to wander around and see what things make your state special.

So much love

xx Nicole #DoStuff

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