Queenstown, New Zealand is not for the faint in heart. As the adventure capital of New Zealand, there is no shortage of thrilling activities and things to do.


If you’re looking to release your inner dare devil (or having a mid life crisis), I’d say this would be the perfect place for you.


You can get your adrenaline fix for the year with skydiving, bungee jumping and the world’s largest swing.

If you’re starting to sweat because jumping out of airplanes and off cliffs isn’t your jam, don’t worry! There are plenty of things for you too like hiking, gondola rides, great food and fun tours.

Here are some of the most fun activities to do while you’re there.


Climb to the top of Queenstown Hill and enjoy a luge ride as a reward for reaching the top! Look out for the cool chairs carved out of the trees!

2. Luge

Race your friends on one of the three luge courses they have at the top of Queenstown hill. You can either take the gondola up or hike to the top

3. River Jet Boat Tour0N9A0810

See the magnificence of Glenorchy and Paradise at top speed as you rush through the water on a jet boat. With mountains on both sides and clear water in front of you, this experience is sure to leave you breathless

4. Mountain Bike

Rent a bike from one of the shops in town and take the gondola to the top of Queenstown Hill. Enjoy the ride down!

The guys on my trip LOVED this and came back covered in mud!

5. The Milford Sound0N9A0830

Hands down, must do while you’re in Queenstown. I did a tour through Kiwi Discovery and had the most fun day ever.

6. Gondola

This is a great option to take in the views of Queenstown. At the top of the hill you can do the luge or mountain bike or hike back down. (You can also take the gondola back down lol)

7. Largest Swing

The world’s largest swing?! Don’t forget to buckle up!

8. Sky Dive

I’m too chicken to do this but if this is your jam, DO IT IN QUEENSTOWN! #DoStuff

9. Bungee Jump

See bullet point above

10. Fergburger and Mrs. Ferg Gelato

I’m claiming it now: Best Burger in the world. It’s worth the wait. Check out Mr. Ferg’s wife’s yummy gelato shop next door for a sweet treat after your burger!

Have anything else I missed?! Let me know in the comments below your favorite things to do in Queenstown!

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Thanks for reading today! 🙂

xx Nicole #DoStuff

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