Auckland was the first city I stepped foot in when I moved to New Zealand and after a week there, I would go back in a heartbeat. It’s one of the main hubs in the North Island and all international flights fly into here.

The city is buzzing with life, the people are kind and the food is AMAZING. It’s right near the ferry terminal, which provides easy access to fun day trips and a central hub for other tours going to other cities in the North Island.


While you’re there, check out some of these fun things to do!

Sheep World


If you didn’t know, there are 11 sheep per person in New Zealand and pretty much everywhere you go you’ll see a sheep. They even have sheep shearing competitions! At Sheep World you’ll meet a shepherd and the sheep dogs and learn about how they raise and sheer sheep. After the program you can walk around the petting zoo and check out the pigs, alpacas cows!

Maori Culture


The Maori people are the indigenous people of New Zealand and make up about 14% of the population. A marae (tribal meeting grounds) are the best place to observe the Maori Culture and there are a few great locations in Auckland where you can be a part of their ritual ceremonies, including the traditional pressing of the noses, the haka dance and you can even enjoy a hangi feast cooked in earth ovens. This is such a special part of the kiwi way of life, you’ll definitely want to learn about this!

Jellicoe Street

This lively street down by the water has tons of amazing restaurants with beautiful views and gorgeous walking paths. This is a great place to hang out in the evenings.

Day trip to Waiheke Island


New Zealand produces some of the world’s best wine and most of it is on Waiheke Island. It’s a quick ferry ride from Auckland and once you’re there you can explore the beautiful beaches, wineries and even do an olive oil tasting!

Climb Mt. Eden0N9A9501


This hike is worth the view!! It’s a relatively short and easy trek to the top and once you’re up there you can walk around the entire perimeter of the crater while taking in beautiful views of the city.


This is a great picture of the crater!! (That I didn’t take lol) source:lonely willow

Giapo Haute

You know me; I can’t have a blog post that doesn’t talk about ice cream at least once. Ice cream is my FAVORITE, but this gelato shop stands in a class of it’s own, it’s that good. I’m not joking. If you go to Auckland and don’t go here, I’m making you go back. When you walk in don’t expect to see the flavors displayed in a glass case. You can try as many as you’d like, but they want you to decide based on what flavor tastes good, not what it looks like because their artists are going to turn your gelato into a work of art and it won’t look like it does in the container anyway… it’s going to look like a flippin masterpiece of Picasso. Don’t let the line intimidate you because your taste buds will thank you later.


Sky Tower

The views of Auckland are spectacular from the Sky Tower and if you need a little adrenaline, try bungee jumping off of it!


Auckland is so unique because it’s the perfect blend of incredible natural wonders and a world-class city. Whether you go to kayak to a volcano or shop and experience the nightlife, this vibrant city has it all and is the perfect place for a short destination.

Happy Exploring!!

Xx Nicole #DoStuff

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