Before I moved to LA I knew nothing about coffee. My knowledge didn’t even go beyond the walls of the nearest Starbucks where I used to order a tall – whatever the most basic white girl drink is. (with almond milk – oooo, feisty I know)
new orleans cold brew blue bottle
Little did I know, I was living in a city filled with charming cafes that ooze with culture, cool atmospheres, and good vibes. Places that have their own unique personalities and focus just as much on giving you an exceptional experience as they do when they roast their beans.
I love when people visit me or the fact that 90% of hanging out with friends means “getting coffee” because it means getting to explore and experience a new place, in hopes of finding the best cup of coffee in LA.
I’m a huge proponent of coffee shop hopping because not only can you get your daily buzz, but they are great places to work and 9 times-out of 10 I run into someone I know or meet someone new. Win. Win. Win.
Now I always have a running list of cafes and coffee shops I want to try, but after crossing many off my list, there are several that have risen to the top and are places I keep going back to.
Whether its the yummy way they brew their coffee, the friendly atmosphere/work environment or a combination of the two, here are the 10 coffee shops you can’t miss in LA. (check back with me next year, the list might change 😉
DSC00690blue stone lane coffeeDSC00660DSC00658

Blue Stone Lane Cafe

After living in New Zealand for 6 months and dipping my toe into the land down under, my tastebuds were exposed to a true cup of Australian coffee and I will never be the same. Blue Stone lane is your classic aussie cafe serving up avocado toast, acai bowls and a heck of a good cuppa joe.
verve coffee cold brewverve cold brewverve coffee roasters laverve coffee roasters


There’s a few verve’s around town but I LOVE the ambiance at the one downtown on Mateo Street. The inside is so hip and fun and then even have a cool outdoor patio where you can sip your brew and soak in the sunshine.

aroma coffee and tea laaroma cafe los angelesaroma coffee and tea lattegirl at aroma coffee and teaaroma coffee and tea desserts


It’s uncommon to go to Aroma and NOT see someone you know. I feel like this is where every director, producer, actor etc has their meetings and for good reason! This house turned coffee shop/restaurant has charm and history. You can’t go wrong with their coffee but I love that they have a full menu (which is delicious by the way) and entire glass pastry case filled with the most extraordinary desserts you’ve ever seen. and they’re DANG good.
priscillas coffee burbankpriscillas coffee los angeles


Located on a popular corner in Burbank, Priscillas is the place to be to work, grab a snack or have a game night with friends. It’s so cute and they’re one of the few coffee shops that’s open until 11pm!

hilltop kitchen and coffee

Hilltop Coffee and Kitchen

Hilltop Coffee and Kitchen is a hip little cafe in West LA with food just as good as their coffee. Owned by the creators of TOM’S, this place has quality lattes.

The Butcher, the baker, the cappuccino maker

I went to the butcher the baker the cappuccino maker with the intent of getting a latte, not realizing they have a FULL BLOWN MENU with dishes that are making my mouth water just typing this. With an interior as cute as it’s name, this place definably won me over and I can’t wait to go back.
rubies and diamonds la

Rubies and Diamonds

Not a jewelry store. haha! That’s actually their tagline. Every time I drove by this place on Sunset blvd it always sparkled like a diamond (lol) and I knew I had to go. Whether you’re going for a snack or a pick me up, this place has it all. They even have yummy vegan options!
intelligentsia los angeles


As soon as I stepped into Intelligentsia, I knew I was going to like it. In my opinion a goof coffee shops consists of good coffee (duh), good pastries (come on), friendly staff, and OUTLETS so you can sit and work! This place has THEM ALL, and they even have big windows which is perfect for people watching. My favorite location is on Hollywood Blvd!
happy girl with coffee

Blue Bottle

Although a franchise, blue bottle has stolen my heart. Maybe it’s their crisp, clean white decor with wood accents or the expansiveness of each of their shops, providing plenty of space to sit and get some work done, but without a doubt their New Orleans Cold Brew with Oatmilk is my favorite coffee drink of all time. I don’t know how to explain it but after the first time I had it, I’ve never ordered anything else.
cha cha matcha los angeleschachamatchala

Cha Cha Matcha

Technically not a coffee shop, but I put this on my list because it’s the most LA cafe I’ve been to and the drinks are pretty good! I’m not the biggest match fan (if you are, their matcha is GREAT, so I’ve heard) but I LOVE their blue agave drink. Basically I just love that this shop is situated smack dab in Beverly Hills, decorated in all pink and has fun, colorful drinks that are supposed to be good for you. #health
There are so many other notable and worthy coffee shops in LA that I wanted to include, but we would be here forever and I don’t want to do that to you. If nothing else, I hope one of these shops gives you the tastiest drink and most relaxing, fun experience. Let me know which one ends up being your favorite!
Did I miss your favorite shop in LA?! Comment below and tell me what it is so I can add it to my list! Thanks for reading and happy exploring!
xx Nicole

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