Hi, I’m Nicole!


Currently, I’m in Puyallup (P-Town) Washington, but if you follow me for long enough you’ll know that I’m never in one place for very long. Traveling energizes me, and I love learning about new cultures, cities and PEOPLE.
A Little About Me

From The Beginning to Today

I grew up as a competitive dancer with hopes to dance on Broadway. All of that changed when I started my YouTube channel and fell in love with making videos. So I went to film school and now hope to one day host my own cooking show where I travel the world and cook ethnic foods.

I competed in scholarship pageants to help pay for college and was lucky enough to serve as Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen 2011, Distinguished Young Woman of America 2013 and currently Miss Washington 2017 for the Miss America Program. I am forever grateful to these organizations for giving me the confidence and skills to be successful and not to mention the over $60,000 in scholarships that helped me graduate college debt free.

The #DoStuff Story

What Does It Mean?

About 5 years ago, I realized I was spending too much time making a list of all my dreams instead of actually living and making them come true. So I created the #DoStuff blog and campaign as a way to hold myself accountable to get up and go do stuff to make these dreams a reality.

I wasn’t good at blogging at the time so I wanted to challenge myself to post a blog every time I “did stuff”. I never dreamed it would turn into something people would actually read, but I’m so thankful for people like you who do because you’re helping make my dreams come true. You being here means a lot and I love doing life with you.

I hope my experiences can bring some much needed encouragement and joy into this world that desperately needs hope.


I graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Television and Broadcast Journalism and minor in Advertising in May of 2017.