I’m pretty sure my tongue and belly enjoyed Italy as much as I did, because the whole country is a culinary wonderland. Handmade pastas, fluffy pizza dough topped with fresh vegetables and paninis stuffed with the most divine cheeses… I actually think they’ve made it illegal to make any kind of bad food there because everything that went into my mouth, took my taste buds for a spin.

Buckle up and grab a snack before you read this post because you’re about to drool.


Here are 15 foods you MUST try when you’re in Italy… and don’t forget to bring your stretchy pants.


1. Drinking Chocolate

Think liquid Ghirardelli Chocoalte Bar in a mug.

2. Coccoli

Fried Pizza Dough Balls. Please excuse the low quality of this photo. All I had time to grab was an iPhone pic before the rest of the members at my table ravenously devoured these little pockets of heaven. the Prosciutto and magical dipping sauce on the side was a nice touch too.
IMG_0777 2

3. Ravioli

Pasta stuffed with cheese?? Yes Please!!

4. Wine

You’re in Italy… duh.


5. Pecorino cheese (any kind of cheese really)

The cheese gods make it rain in Italy. The whole country is abounding in it!

6. Calzone

I legitimately almost had to be rolled out of the restaurant after this meal.

7. Cannoli

And I thought the ones in New York were good…

8. Nuttella stuffed anything

I mean come on.

9. Dark chocolate and cinnamon gelato

This became my regular order at any shop I went to.


10. Pizza

It’s frowned upon if you don’t finish your whole pizza… actually it’s not but no judgement if you do! If you’re in Florence, you MUST go to Gusta Pizza.

11. Formaggio gnocchi

Formaggio means cheese so basically this is Mac and Cheese on crack.

12. Panini

You’ve never had a sandwich until you’ve had a panini from Italy. Try it with truffle sauce!


13. Cafe latte

This is an American “Latte” but “latte” means milk in Italian so if you order a “latte” you will literally get hot milk. Throw that “cafe” in front of it.

14. Tiramisu

A beloved classic.

15. Proscuitto

Italy’s version of ham, and it’s no joke!!
Any foods that I missed?! Let me know your favorite food you had in Italy and I’ll be sure to try it on my next trip!
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Happy eating…I mean traveling!! 😉
xx Nicole #DoStuff

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