Venice stinks. That was always the first thing people told me about Venice Italy when I inquired about the floating city.

Since there are no roads on the Venice Islands, only canals, in the summer time the combination of salt water and warm weather produces a unique smell that some people consider “stinky”.
When I went I didn’t have any problems, probably because I went on the coldest day of the year in the middle of January haha.
Regardless, stank or no stank, Venice is an incredible city and such a fun place to visit for a weekend getaway.
Here are 5 things you have to do while you’re in Venice:

St. Mark’s Basilica


Gaze at this beauty from the Piazza San Marco and then walk to the entrance for an up close view of the incredible detail of this church. It’s connected to Doge’s Palace so check that out too while you’re there!

Gondola ride through the canals

It’s a little pricey, but if you go in a group you get a better deal. You can’t come to Venice without riding in a Gondola and the experience is well worth the money. Kick up your feet and relax!

Take a picture at Rialto Bridge of the Grande Canal


This footbridge provides incredible views of the Grande Canal and is an iconic Kodak Moment picture stop.

Try on a Venetian Mask


Venetian masks were used to protect the wearer’s identity during promiscuous or decadent events and have reemerged as the emblem of the Venetian Carnival, celebrated every year. You can find them in most of the pop up shops along the street!

Go to Burano


This colorful little place looks like skittles were spilled on the island. Burano is filled with colorful fisherman’s houses and looks like a children’s storybook. The houses are painted brightly so they could see their homes when they came back from long fishing trips.
You have to take the ferry to get to Burano, but sometimes Venice Island can get pretty crowded so it was well worth the trip to have some peace and quiet. and I’m serious when I say peace and quiet.
There was NO ONE on this island. It was so quiet it was almost eerie and it made me wonder where everyone was and what they were doing. However it was about 20 degrees so maybe they were inside by the fire like normal people.
If you want to wander through empty streets surrounded by colorful buildings and fishing boats, this place definitely needs to be on your list. It was the highlight of my trip.
Depending on the time of year you go to Venice, you may freeze, but have fresh air or have great weather and a little bit of stink. Either way, I think  you’ll love this community and enjoy wandering through the streets and across the bridges that make this city so iconic.
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Thanks so much for reading today!
Happy exploring!
xx Nicole #DoStuff

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