Q&A with Justin Gold of Justin’s Nut Butters

If you know anything about me you know that I’m slightly obsessed with Justin’s Nut Butter. I’m convinced that everything is better with a little swipe of Peanut Butter or spoon dunk of Almond Butter; it truly is the glue that holds my life together.



I used to be devout Maple Almond Butter fan, but when you have Honey Peanut Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter AND a new flavor, Maple Cashew Butter to choose from I decided there was more room in the club for a favorite. 🙂



The man behind the magical jars, Justin Gold, is probably the most creative, innovative and forward thinking human I’ve ever met. (and yes I have met him and when I did I almost died) I think the peanut butter gods blessed him with an extra scoop when he entered the world.



Right now they’re in the process of rolling out 11 new products including cashew butter, cashew butter cups (like PB cups but, you know, with cashew butter) cinnamon almond butter (WUT) and a mega huge jar of Peanut Butter. If you haven’t had a Justin’s Squeeze Pack (or anything Justin’s) please go to the grocery store right now and bless yourself with the goodness.



This man is organized, focused and disciplined, which are qualities you have to have to have a family while also running an incredible business. I can’t wait for you to meet him!




Give us 5 fast facts. Tell us a little bit about you!

I’m vegetarian, pilot, dad, obsessed with backcountry skiing around the
world, always have three books in rotation


Go back to the very first time you made a nut butter… why did you decide to do it? What kind was it?

Peanut butter and Banana was my first.  I used fresh banana’s!  It
tasted great for about 10min, then it turned to mush . . .


Take us through a day in the life of Justin. We want all the details!

5:30am – awake; 6-7:30 exercise (gym, bike, run), green smoothie for
breakfast, 9am – 5pm work, explore, 6-8pm play with kids, dinner, get’em
fed and read, 9pm in bed reading . . .


What’s your favorite flavor and favorite way to eat nut butter?

Maple Cashew.  Eaten right out of the jar with a spoon – of course.


If you would have never made that first jar of (peanut?) butter, what do you think you would be doing now?

I have no idea . . .


Tell us about a time where you faced a challenge or a bump in the road and what did you do about it? 

No one would make a nut butter squeeze pack for me.  No one.  So I
borrowed money from my roommates parents and bought my own . . . Well, the
rest is history . . .


If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination . . .


What’s on the horizon for you this year?

Work/Life/Family Balance


What (or who) inspires you to #DoStuff and stay creative?

Things that annoy me.


And lastly, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Anything with PB cups!


Alright, now awhile ago I took to instagram to see what you all wanted to know about Justin so I have a few bonus questions that he answered just for YOU!


What do you like to do in your free time?

Rescue cats from trees, babies from burning buildings and help old
ladies cross streets.


What is your most used emoji? 

What is an emoji?

Insider tip: I asked Penny, Justin’s right hand lady and she said that he loves the fist bump emoji. 😉


If you liked this interview, let me know!! Is there anyone else you think it would be cool to meet? Let me know in the comments and let’s see if we can make it happen. The sky is the limit folks: let’s meet the Queen of England, Julie Andrews, Tib Tebow etc etc.


Love y’all! Now go out and #DoStuff!

xx Nicole

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