The first time I met Tyler Ward I wondered if I was talking to a human or a demi-god because this guy is incredible. Tyler is an impeccable singer, songwriter and producer and is famous for his covers and original music on YouTube.

Tyler has completed 5 worldwide headlining tours and has played with artists like Switchfoot, The Beach Boys and the Jonas Brothers!

Tyler’s the kind of person who can make you feel like you’re the only person in the room and can see value in you when you don’t see it in yourself. What I like most about Tyler is that he thinks deep and asks meaningful questions. He is courageously vulnerable and always challenges people to go deeper.

He has more talent in his pinky toe than most people have in their whole body and whether it’s his captivating music videos, encouraging messages or contagious smile, he’s always pointing people to Jesus.

This interview is a little different than my other “People Who #DoStuff” features and coming to you in podcast form! Hope you enjoy it!


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