HAPPY LAUNCH DAY!! Although you might not be seeing this post on the day I posted it we are CELEBRATING the launch of my first product, the Nomad Coconut Bowls. I am so excited to be teaming up with Better Bowls for this collaboration to bring you a coconut bowl that makes you smile every time you eat a smoothie bowl. 🙂

You don’t have to put your smoothie bowl in a coconut shell but it keeps it from melting so fast and they’re cute. 😉 The bowls are half polished and half unpolished because not everything is polished and perfect in life and this bowl is meant to remind you that its okay to make mistakes. I decided to have these little squiggles hand painted on the bowl to serve as a reminder that life is not a straight line between point A and point B but more like a squiggle. EMBRACE the squiggle! Things won’t go as planned, but that’s what makes life exciting and fun.




The bundles come with 1 nomad bowl,  1 coconut spoon and 1 brass palm teaspoon. Click HERE to get yours now! I hope you love them!!

Today I wanted to show you how to make my favorite smoothie bowl since it’s one of the most requested smoothie bowl recipes I get! I won’t make you wait any longer, but first let me tell you how genuinely grateful I am for you and for your support. You have been just as excited about the launch as I have and it truly means the world to have such amazing friends in this community. Now here’s the recipe!


Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl


  • Splash of almond milk
  • 1 frozen pitaya packet
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 cup frozen riced cauliflower
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (optional)


  • You can top it with whatever you want!

I love:

  • granola
  • berries
  • coconut shreds
  • honey drizz


  1. Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender until smooth
  2. Transfer into your bowl (preferably your nomad coconut bowl 😉 and smooth
  3. Top with whatever your heart desires
  4. Snap a picture and post it on social and tag me so I can see!! Use #nomadbowls!
  5. DIVE IN!

Have a great rest of your week! Love you so much!

xx Nicole

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