Breakfast for Dinner! – my incredible finds at Tuesday Morning

Hello friend!

I hope you’re having an amazing week. 🙂 Life has been a whirlwind ever since I moved into MY HOUSE (still feels crazy to say that) and I’ve spent the last week unpacking, getting organized and figuring out how I’m going to make this space my home.

This is the most space I’ve ever had to fill and my goodness it can add up fast! I know I don’t have to get it all done at once, but I’m mostly shopping at places that have high quality products at great deals and an affordable price.

I have to tell you about a hidden gem I found… Tuesday Morning!! They’re my new favorite home decor store. I went this week and was BLOWN AWAY by the variety of items they have at a portion of the cost you can find at other stores. Even name brand items! Every Tuesday Morning has a different selection, but products are always 20-60% off what you can find in specialty and department stores. See what I mean: click HERE!

I wanted to celebrate by making dinner for my friends, so I hit the kitchen and dining aisle first to stock up on hosting materials. The shelves were full of gorgeous platters, dishes, bowls, bakeware, pans, everything you can imagine. I got a set of 6 white ramekins for $5.99!! Bring on the mac & cheese and creme brulee!!

Everything was so organized and easy to find, it made my experience so easy, which is huge because shopping really stresses me out so I usually avoid it if I can.

But one place I won’t be avoiding is Tuesday Morning… I’m already planning to go back to shop for more home decor and planters.

If you’re in college, just got your first apartment or home and are trying to find quality items to fill your kitchen without breaking the bank, you have to check out this store.

Here’s all I got for less than $150:
  • 5 white flat platters
  • wood plank charcuterie board
  • set of 6 white ramekins
  • 2 white ceramic, 3 bowl servers
  • Black bowl serving set
  • 2 wood salad bowls
  • white ceramic butter dish
  • white ceramic casserole dish
  • Lemon squeezer
The second I saw the ceramic 3 bowl server I immediately knew I had to do breakfast for dinner. I LOVE setting up build your own bowl/DIY type meals and I thought this would be perfect to fill with toppings for a yogurt parfait station.
In addition to my yogurt bar I made, pesto scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, avocado and peanut butter banana toast (served on my new white platters) mini pancake skewers and nutella stuffed french toast sticks (also served on my white platter)
It was SO good, I’m still drooling while typing this. One thing I’m most excited about my new home is the ability to host dinners and breakfasts like this for my friends so I’m so thankful I can find affordable products that look INCREDIBLE in my kitchen at Tuesday Morning.
There’s nothing like sharing a meal with your friends so I hope this inspires you to host a “breakfast for dinner” party yourself and make the best memories using your Tuesday Morning finds. Click HERE to find their nearest store.
Thanks for reading this week, see you soon.
xx Nicole

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